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How many video games do you reckon you've beaten?

None. 1 vote(s) 1.9%
One to ten. 13 vote(s) 24.1%
Ten to twenty-five. 14 vote(s) 25.9%
Twenty-five to fifty. 11 vote(s) 20.4%
Fifty to a hundred. 9 vote(s) 16.7%
Over a hundred. 6 vote(s) 11.1%

  1. I thought I'd posted about this game before, but it seems not to be the case. Yesterday I 100%ed Yoshi's Universal Gravitation! :D Which is called Yoshi Topsy-Turvy in America, by the way.
    This game has a motion sensor, which is used to detect in which orientation you have your GBA. The view of the level doesn't change when you tilt the GBA, but the gravity does. So, for example, if you tilt your GBA to the right, you can walk up walls going right.
    The game is of average quality, and fairly short. However, completing it is rather difficult! Each level has a certain mission to beat, and if you do it, you get a silver medal. You need a certain amount of silver medals to unlock the next world (so you don't need to beat all missions). However, every level also has a gold medal, for if you to even better on the mission than you need to. It's not displayed what the requirements are for this, however. It might be, for example, that for the silver medal you need to kill 15 enemies, out of the 25 in the level, but for the gold medal you need to kill 20. Only the number '15' will be mentioned.
    Anyway, some of the gold medals are really hard to get, in my experience! But I did it. :)
    I don't even know when I started this game, it was on my backlog for a long time, before picking it up again in 2022, and then dropping it again until a couple of weeks ago.
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  2. I finished the story in Super Mario Galaxy 2.
    You get a nice letter on the Wii message board for it. :)

    So far the game is going by quite fast. It's a bit more challenging than the original, but it seems to me that the stars take a lot less time to collect (it's been a while since I finished Super Mario Galaxy, so I'm going off memory here).
    I thought the game had 240 stars, but I only have around 80 now, and there doesn't seem to be too much to go, so I might've been mistaken in that (please do not confirm or deny!). In any case, I think I'll keep playing for a while, it's a pretty enjoyable game, and it's nice to finally play it. :)
    Super Mario Galaxy 2 is actually the first game that I remember coming out!
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  3. A few months ago I came across Kirby's Dream Land with the manual for €20, which seemed like a good deal. I looked it up online to find I was right, and came back to buy it a few days later.
    I beat it the same day, I think, but apparently haven't posted about it here. I guess that's because I found out there was an extra mode, which the game tells you after you've beaten it. I guess I figured I'd beat that too! It took some time before I felt like it, though, but last week I set about to do it. But it turned out to be a lot more difficult than I had expected. :eek: A lot of enemies were added, and the bosses seem harder too. The game has infinite continues, which actually makes it quite doable, but on my first attempt I was going too slow to beat it in the time I had, and I gave up early. Then last Sunday I tried again, and got to the final boss (King Dedede) in about 80 minutes. My train was arriving, but I decided to continue in a park and beat it; Dedede was hard, but there was a continue right before it, so I could just keep trying and trying. It took me almost 45 more minutes to beat it. :') What a hard final boss! It was fun, though. :)

    I'd already found the config mode, in fact, because I had forgotten how to access the extra mode and just tried a bunch of button combinations. :p There's no option for non-infinite continues, though! You can just set Kirby's health and amount of lives, and access the sound test.
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  4. I beat Rayman Raving Rabbids on GBA.

    Unlike the console game of the same name, this is a platformer. Unfortunately, it is in my opinion the weakest of the 8 Rayman games I've played so far (not counting the mobile games, but those are probably better too). The level design isn't too interesting, the gimmick of the game (costumes between which you can switch at any time, which give you different abilities) was not carried out to anywhere near its potential, the bosses are boring and the game is short.
    Fortunately, it is also easy. 100%ing it is also quite easy: sometimes you need to go out of your way to get some lums or cages, but they're never hard to find, and what's remarkable is that if you die or exit the level, you get to keep whatever you collected.
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  5. im proud of you this is a great achievement u can have a sticker
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  6. I disagree, but thanks for the sticker. :D
    That does make me wonder what the greatest achievement that I've shared in this thread might've been. o.(o) Restricting myself to recent ones, I'm quite proud of this one.
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  7. I'd like to post a screenshot, but I'm not sure what to post. :p I guess I could've saved a clip of me scrolling through all Accomplishments, but I don't have one, and it would also include some spoilers.
    I 100%ed Disney Illusion Island! Since my previous post, I have replayed the game in Iron Mouse mode, where if you die your save gets deleted—or so it says, I haven't actually confirmed that this happens! As on my original playthrough, I played on the highest difficulty setting, which starts you out at one heart. That meant that for the first one or two hours of the game, I could not get hit at all, or I'd have to restart from the beginning. However, at some point you get another heart, and later another and potentially a third extra heart. It didn't take too long for me to realise that if I was at one heart, I could simply go back to the title screen and reload the save. So it wasn't too special anymore at that point. In general, it seems like a fairly cheap way to extend a game, but it was fun to play through it again. :)
    I also got all collectables on the first file, except for one hidden Mickey which I couldn't find. Eventually I decided to turn on the 'Hidden Mickey Tell' function, which displays a little icon when you're getting close to a Hidden Mickey. Even with this on, and thus knowing on what screen it was, it took me 30 seconds to spot it. :p
    Having beaten the story mode, there were two hidden achievements, one of which I stumbled upon while playing through the game again in Iron Mouse mode. The other one, however, I did not. I decided to ask my brother to look up how to get it, and let him decide whether to tell me or give me a hint.
    Turns out that for the final achievement you need a cheat code. ._.
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  8. i have completed if im correct all of bedrocks achievements but in java
    survival the only thing is im not shure about 4 achievements 1 is leaching 5 lama's in a pack i probely dit that but i cant proof that
    trade with a villerger at build limit not shure maybe maybe not would be eazy note this depents if u count the new hight limit since i know i have done it at the old hight limit
    3 fall from the top of the world to the botom and survive i dit do that at the old hight limit probely not in the new 1 becouse i have falen into a perimiter
    last 1 that im not shure if its even posible in java feeding a dopline fish to lead you to a treasure
    i have feeded a dolpine fish but not shure if it would have counted
  9. Shortly before the end of the year, I beat My Animal Centre in Africa on GBA.
    Mostly, I did not enjoy it, because it is very tedious. But it was nice to play sometimes when I was very tired. The game has some information on African animals and the medical issues that they can have, which I found quite cool. However, for gameplay, this information is useless. I wonder how long I've spent on this game. I think it's probably between 10 and 20 hours.
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  10. Wow, no beats in the first two months of the year?
    Well, here's one! I beat and completed Lucky Luke: Wanted on the GBA. On this photo you can see that I unlocked all levels, including the bonus levels unlocked by finding all four playing cards in some levels. You cannot see that I also beat the final level, but I did!
    The game is a remake of the SNES Lucky Luke game, but I had never played that. I enjoyed it, although there was some level that was frustrating to me. I looked up a walkthrough to find one of the playing cards in that level.
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  11. Nice job so far, and I love the pixel art of the woman holding the lion cub.
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  12. Luigi receives a mushroom to be able to better kiss Princess Peach, as I completed my warpless playthrough of The Lost Levels as Luigi in Super Mario All-Stars. Now I'm done with the first two games of that compilation! I don't think I'll play the others soon, as I recently completed Super Mario Bros. 2 on GBA and intend to play the NES version Super Mario Bros. 3 first (I have so far only done the GBA version, which was many years ago).

    I'm hoping to complete Super Mario Galaxy 2 soon. I'm on The Perfect Run! If you know it, I guess you know why I say 'hoping'. ;)
  13. I don't think this counts as a video game Achievement "per se", but I've considered on continuing my work on doing a few tracks from a couple GBA releases of a few games in the YM2612 chip. Just thinking if I should be as close to original as possible and mimic the bland instrument timbres used in the original GBA releases or if I should try to make it "fully realized" with more nuance and detail than the original devs put into the official release...

    That and of course I need time. Moople's signature image could be applied here so much. :rofl: :lmao:
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  14. After years of having this game, I finally did two of the most boring achievements and I 100% it.
    I had lots of fun in the past, but I am not planning to touch it again anytime soon.
    And given the DLC policy of the developer, probably won't touch the sequel either.

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  15. I recognise that dilemma! Usually I tend to go for the former option, but my autism might be a bigger influence than my (artistic) values on the outcome of that decision.
  16. Congrats! But, um... what game is this? :p
  17. apologies

    Crusader Kings 2
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