Share your goals Thread! 2018

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  1. This thread will be the V2 of this thead:

    Since It is already 2+ years old, it might be wise to start another one!

    I hope this thread gets as much participation as the other one :)

    Tips for making an effective post:
    • Use colors as guides
    • Add a date next to your goal when completed
    Recommended Color key
    • Done
    • in progress
    • will always be in progress
    • abandoned
    • not yet done, not planning to make it in the near future
    Share your goals! Even if they have been completed, are in progress or seem impossible!
  2. Item Goals:
    • Get 2 Max res vouchers and use them
    • Get all promo horses
    Economic Goals:
    • Get to 3 million rupees
    Game Goals and Misc.:
    • Leave EMC with a meaningful legacy imo
    • Get an Alt - February 7, 2018
    • Get to 1000 vote streak - January 27, 2018
    • Help at PWU on smp8
    • Like all the post from the a "Smp8 PWU" thread - continuing
    • Like all the post from the a thread "Smp8 you worry me..." thread - continuing
    • Get back to working at my outpost on smp2-
      • On May 2018, I got back to my outpost, have not worked on it yet though
    • Make my own signature for forums
    • Finish my storage
    • Finish my first residence
    • Finish PTU Hub - Started May 4th -
    • Finish SMP8 Wild South Historic District Tunnel - Started March 8-
    Real Life Goals
    • Finish Russia 2018 Album
    • Graduate from High School
    • Enter university
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  3. Main goal:

    Collect a Weeh or Sazukemono head
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  4. My goal is to finish big projects in my country, and gain more players for the outpost.
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  5. I'll post ma list. :p

    Compleat designing project "castle greyling". (and other smaller projects from [JB:2B])
    Compleat designing the build for Tom's and mine almost-spawn-res.
    Compleat engenering Tom's and mine storage system.
    Build the storage system.
    Build my new shop complex
    Build the near-spawn build.
    Finish digging the 40K blocks long nethertunnel
    Make more build guides.
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  6. Goals:
    • Write a book
    • Get a job
    • Get a life
    • Get TheCritic to sign a book for me
  7. Goals:
    • Build a efficient cactus, melon, pumpkin and sugar cane farm.
    • Build some more farms
    • farms
    • even more farms
    • Build a mall :D
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  8. Item Goals:
    • Get 2 Max res vouchers and use them
    • Get all promo horses
    Economic Goals:

    • Get to 25 million rupees
    Far-Future Goals/Misc.:

    • Get another Alt
    • Get to 1000 vote streak
    • Help at PWU on smp8
    • Get back to working at my outpost on smp 1,2,7,8 and Utopia
    • Finish my storage
    • Finish my first residence
    I just took Tuqs goals and revamps them a little for my needs. I'll add more goals later.
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  9. Finish my novel . . ?
  10. That's funny and sad at the same time. :/
    • Build majora mask map
    • 1 million rupees (I always hit 100K max then have to burn it all)
    • Work on pixel art outposts on 6
    • Soon but not yet ^ set those up for not res reses
    • Make an outpost on 8, find a reason (just completed- a mushroom isle with ocean around, will use for the map)
    • Never stop loving minecraft- be a more reliable player who doesn't mope around town growling that minecraft is dying
    Stop losing control of my rage, and find a calm for it.
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  11. Real Life Goals
    1. Get a stable 4.5+ GPA and hold onto it for a month (completed 21 January - 21 February: GPA at 4.6!)
    2. Become fluent in French- Presque là!
    3. Accepted into Phillips Exeter (application pending :confused:)

    EMC Goals
    1. Write more guides and such threads that I can post on the forums.
    2. Contribute more to the Wiki (and actually do my job as a member of the contribution team)
    3. Get to 500 vote streak
    4. Figure out how to work this American credit card so I can buy myself a supporter rank... (forever in progress)
    5. Reach 500k tokens across my accounts
    6. Finish my 80k member armor set
    7. Kickstart that outpost again...
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    • Finish my iron farm
    • Finish my main res
    • Finish my alt's res
    • Finish converting my taiga village
    I have too many long running projects :p
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    • Finish my huge pixel art project - hoping to be done by the end of this year
    • Survival adventure in the wild with mah bestie- we've planned on doing it "soon" but soon can be anywhere from tonight to like a year from now :p
    • Upgrade my utopia storage-always need more space
    • Get a couple perm derelict vouchers- for reasons
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  12. I'll just leave this here

    my goal : finish all my projects

    crossed = far from done
    underline = far from done
    italic = far from done
    Bold = far from done
    red = far from done
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  13. If it makes you feel better, I actually did write some this week!
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  14. Goals:

    Get 2 130 Speed Donkeys
    Get 1 134 Speed Horse
    Open My Shop
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  15. Get the blaze farm up and running and a wither skelly farm, Get the ocean monument farm done, finish my mass storage area at my res, play in the auctions hard and enjoying the time I spend here and the people I meet. Some are friends a long time and I met new friends too. Hoping to meet more. Those are my plans-ish for this year. :)

    Shout out to biteme for telling me about Wither kill zones and a shout out to MissBonnie for showing me a public one of those on smp6. Thanks y''all. :)
    That's how a wither skelly farm hit my list for year list to build. :p
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  16. I hope to be a Dedicated Member like you someday Tuqueque. :D
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