SMP8, you worry me.

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  1. smp8romance.jpg
    Truly, love knows no bounds. Even when it should.
  2. lol

    EDIT: I was the 69th person to like the OP. 6/14/2015
  3. Come to SMP7. I married a Koala on my first day. It was like one of those Vegas weddings. What happens on SMP7 stays on SMP7.
  4. Until you make a post like this and everyone knows about it... ;)

    The next day:
    "Olaf_C was fired from work for having an inappropriate relationship with an arboreal herbivore."
  5. Never got that far, mate. I would only see it as a good reason to get fired if I worked at a zoo, koala sanctuary, or an Australian Vet.
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  6. Yeah nah nah nah nah nah, mate, mate, mate (PM me if you want to see where that comes from :p). That's the norm over here :p
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  7. SMP8 could be worse, we could be SMP7. But we're better than that. ;)
  8. Big lez show
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  9. Im trying to get them all help! Dont worry! :)
  10. The Potato Storys True, Her Name Is Shania :p
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  11. That's What I Was Like When I First Met Her, I Remember That Day :)
  12. Wait, High_Jacker what happened to your other potato - Alexandria?
    You two were inseparable!!
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  13. Oh god...
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  14. I Umm, Sort Of Cooked Her Then Ate Her 0_0 Your Next Shania
  15. I knew it, just too tasty
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