Share your...Desks!?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by synth_apparition, Dec 19, 2014.

  1. So. Yeah. I made this a thing... for reasons I'm not exactly sure yet. Anyway; onto sharing desks?

    (Just saying; the TARDIS on the floor is now on my desk. So is the other TARDIS that was there...)
  2. Every true gamers thoughts seeing this thread is something like - I may just have to clean it.. just a little bit VERY ACTUAL MUCH before posting a picture ^^
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  3. Pssh.
    I only cleared away my book with important lines of code and put it on my other desk.
    I may have also found a few empty bags of Haribos behind my laptop.
    Oh, and then I realized I have two TARDISes on the floor because of the picture... >.>
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  4. ill share mine when i have cleaned it up a little bit
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  5. This counts, right?
  6. Finally, someone else :D
  7. Is that a Play station 2 with games? I don't see many of those anymore haha. :)
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  8. Most of my games for the PS2 are on my other desk, buried under a pile of clothes with the PC games I have on discs :p
    And, yeah, it's a PS2 :p (I've had it for 8 years almost.)

    Likewise :rolleyes:
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  9. Urm... my desk is a complete mess xD I will post a pic in a bit :p
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  10. Lol I had to clear a couple bottles and papers off my desk cause I'm self consious about that stuff xD
    But anyway, if I figured this out correctly, here is a pic of mine.
    Couldn't figure out how to get the picture like the others have it, but here's a link to it.
  11. Do bedside tables count? if so... COLEPC - WIN_20141219_140742.JPG
    (that little blue part is my arm taking the photo with my pc xD)
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  12. Sooo I didn't really feel like cleaning it up.
    but here it is.. (the laptop isn't mine btw, it's marknaaijer's)
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  13. It's a little messy, but it's what I came home to. ;)
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  14. Eh why not.
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  15. Are the LED's supposed to look like that? Nice setup btw
  16. Oh my god. That Pagan Min poster. I need one of those....

    BTW, this is my desk. Please ignore the 12 year old PC running a 2002 version of XP :p
  17. The keyboard is blurry, controller looks really bad on camera, and the red LED fans are OK.

    In real life <-- wats that the keyboard light looks less 'bleedy', the controller doesn't look like it's exploding, and the red lights are pretty much the same.
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  18. What's real life?
  19. idk ive been talking gibberish lately i need help
  20. I thought I would show where I live too.