Server Problems, Post Here!

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by chickeneer, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. Aikar is aware of the issues with SMP4, SMP5, and SMP6. He said on Discord that he suspects the machine and has submitted a ticket with the host. Thank you for your patience. :)
  2. Update: Aikar was able to get things back up at around 2:03am EMC time. He is working with the host to try to figure out what caused the issue. :aikar:
  3. No matter if I connect to play. or smp#., I am getting stuck at the "joining world" screen
  4. Must be impacting everyone. Looks like zero players on right now.
  5. Working on the issue. Will give an update when possible :)
  6. sorry, this is going to sound small and silly, but is there a way it can be set up on the backend that using any of the /smp commands doesnt mess up litematica? when using the bungee commands it always messes up if i have a schematic loaded, switch to a different server and switch back to SMP8.

    ive just been having to disconnect and reconnect a lot and i feel bad when it starts spamming the server’s chat
  7. This isn't really the place to ask that question.
    I don't develop litematica. Nor use it extensively. What do you mean by mess up?
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  8. As someone who uses Litematica often, I found that whatever IP you use to connect is the "base" and then the mod counts every other SMP as another "world" when you swap from within. So despite the fact I rarely play on SMP7 nowadays, I always connect there first then swap to Utopia or Stage so it loads the "worlds" in the right order so my schematic placements are loaded in the right place. I hope that explained what I've found in the years of using the mod with EMC.
  9. FWIW, I connect to "play" and whatever order I join the smps in, the schematics are always in the right world&place.
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  10. right. Whatever IP you use to join is the beginning of the "branch" for what Litematica follows for what/where to place the schematics. So that can be any of 1-9, utopia, stage, games, or play.
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  11. I was referring to this.
    I interpreted it as you saying that you need to connect smp7->a specific sequence of smps to load them "in the right order"

    If you were saying the same as me ("as long as your initial connection is always on the same smp/address, it should be fine") then apologies.
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  12. yeah, whatever you "start" the chain with is what matters. Everything after that is treated as a subworld of that origin point.
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  13. i dont know if this can be seen as a bug but the main problem i have with /map is like the wild outpost be ing named like wild outpost but not wild east outpost i rilly like this to chance
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  14. If you use /loc it gives you lots of info and also the area you are in.

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  15. This is a good suggestion. I will put this on my todo list to revamp at some point!
  16. With 'sever problems', chickeneer means issues such as being unable to connect, or having really low tps. For bugs, you can pm the dev team using, and for suggestions (what your post is), you can use the Suggestion Box.
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  17. i have server problems basicly dit buy a server and it real noise is that ok
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  18. I don't understand your statement here. I do not think this belongs here.
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