Server Problems, Post Here!

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  1. It's seemingly started working again. It's just very odd that it had this period of deactivation. And I know you need to wait for the villagers to have worked and slept for it to start, but even after that, it took a lot longer for it to start working again than it normally does.
  2. I was exploring the end on smp9 and laggedout and got "Readtimeoutexception: null", and everytime i try to join it gets stuck on Joining World... and then gives the readtimeoutexception: null error.
  3. no clue about this issue myself but in the meanwhile try connecting to another IP like or instead of
  4. If i try to connect to any other ip it says "kicked whilst connecting, sorry you can only be connect to one emc server at a time." If i try to connect to i get the readtimeoutexception:null error. Does it say that I am connected to smp9 right now?
  5. I'm having a similar issue. If I try to connect to smp9 (using it hangs at "joining world..." then times out. If I connect to a different server it'll let me in, but if I try to switch to smp9 in-game, it times out and kicks me. If I just stay in the smp that I can join, it only lasts a few minutes before kicking me.
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  6. Soooo it looks like smp9 died...
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  7. SMP9 is currently having a known issue; we are aware of the problem and its cause, are working on getting it resolved, and thank you for your patience in the meantime.

    EDIT: Back up, thanks all!
  8. SMP9 is back up, you can connect now :)
  9. Wow, there hadn't been server problems for over a month? :eek: If so, that's amazing!
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  10. Thank you! We may have occasional hiccups but pretty amazing up-time overall :)
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  11. I'm having almost the same issue. I built a farm that works on single player, but for some reason won't spawn any golems on EMC. My issue has yet to go away.
  12. (/mail get all) command is getting confused with a ID number