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  1. I have a large bee farm and 30+ villager trading hall on a private 1.15.2 pure vanilla server and have never had either of these problems.
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  2. I am also having this problem, where the blazes will just chill there and be cool with everything. Almost crashed smp7 bc I didn't realize they weren't going into the killing chambers...
  3. When using a labor bench with food in your offhand, it forces you to eat the food, and if your hunger is full, there is a visual glitch where you still appear to consume the food.
  4. The old shopping world is no longer accessible due to a flag setting....

    Now, this isn't an urgent problem but for some of us veterans it's still an annoying one; why can't we access the old stuff anymore? I do hope this is a glitch and not something by design because these are really fun places to visit.

    Thanks for reading!
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  5. This was brought up in suggestions and there was a reply by Krysyy. Quoting:
  6. This problem is related to mob spawning within the 128-block radius of a player.

    I recently built a low-key mob farm in the smp7 frontier. I AFKd there for well over an hour and, for most of the time, I was the only person in the frontier. From my AFK spot up in the sky, though, I could see mobs spawning (and not despawning) well outside of my 128-block radius, also, my farm's output was a measly 10 gunpowder in a 1 hour period.

    Now, I've built very similar versions of this farm on other servers that have performed significantly better, and, as far as I can tell, there are no significant differences between this build and the others that should cause it to perform so poorly.

    Keep in mind, I did not clear to bedrock under the farm, and only lit up the surface with torches as with me being 176 blocks up in the sky, nothing should be spawning underground, anyways.
  7. Y distance is not checked for spawning on EMC. This is intentional
  8. So does this mean slabbing and digging to bedrock will increase spawn rates?

    I am also having the same issue but have begun the "big" dig.
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  9. Yes. I basically all large farms on EMC require this, i've done it like 5 or 6 times at least
  10. I've been getting really odd rubberbanding issues lately, but they're not like normal ones. I've had them before and they tend to go away on their own so I'm wondering is it server side. Sometimes when I look in a direction, my camera will snap me back to the one I was looking at before, so it's like rubberbanding in place. But both ping and TPS are fine when this happens, so I'm not sure what's causing it.
  11. It was set around about mid 2019 i think.
    There making a thing with all the builds but its near bottom of the list
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  12. Was there ever an announcement about flying machines not working? I understand they may have had to be disabled due to lag but I only just found out now after building a liquid clearing array, would have been nice to save the time and just start filling it with sand.
  13. I am not aware of any such issues
  14. You sure you did /noprotectmode before you built it? :p Jelle and I recently built a bunch of (temporary) flying machines and they all worked. :)
  15. ..I am incredibly stupid. Thank you lol, someone in chat said they had been disabled. I built the whole thing in build mode
  16. Yeah no we can speak from own experience that that doesn't work lol
  17. I can be a bit clearer: Blocks, when in buildmode, can be moved by pistions, if the piston is buildmoded by the same person as the block, but buildmoded blocks cannot be moved with slime blocks, even if the structure is all made by the same person. All I have to prove this is my own experience, but I think that that might be enough :p
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  18. Pete, Tom and Egeau - I can vouch for this behavior. I first started experimenting with slime/observer block "flying machines" a few years back when observer blocks became available. The only way the machines work is to build all moving parts of the machine in /noprotectmode. I spent days building and scratching my head until I asked the right SS person and they clued me in to this little secret, lol!!! These machines are fun to build, but they can be challenging.