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    Server list websites serve as a first point of contact for many new Minecraft players and players looking for a new server to call their home. This campaign is to focus our voting efforts as a community to gain a top and visible position at the top of server list websites.

    It is a common practice for many server lists to "bribe" their members with gifts, items, and sometimes even require it to play on their server. While it was never out intention to want to have to use "tactics" to encourage voting, we know that we need to keep it in the public eye to keep up with the lists. Instead of using things like, 'You must vote in order to play today' kinda things though, we've decided to reward the community efforts with fun events instead!

    This specific campaign dedicated to our position on the Server List. While we encourage you to vote for us on every list daily, for this campaign, we are going to focus extra attention via this thread and in-game announcements towards this specific list. Our goal is going to be to get our position to the Top 5 and hold it there for at least 10 days in a row once we get there (and hopefully longer). Once we achieve this goal, they will activate the community rewards for this campaign.

    Once we achieve the goal, there are going to be two events we're going to hold, each with their own special prizes and both of them will be community wide. Event 1 is going to be a special 3 round mob arena with a final bonus round with the 3 winners in a 'winner take all' prize. Event 2 is going to be a multi-winner raffle. Each of the prizes for both events is donated by staff and individual players of the Empire. The prizes will be listed and added below.

    Vote >>>>> <<<<< Vote
    Vote >>>>> <<<<< Vote
    Vote >>>>> <<<<< Vote

    • 1x Dragon Egg ► Provided by EMC Admin Team
    • 1x IcecreamCow Head ► Provided by IcecreamCow
    • 100,000 Rupees ► Provided by Deathtomb8953
    • 1x Ore Buster ► Provided by Deathtomb8953
    • 50,000 Rupees ► Provided by Dwight5273
    • 1x Ore Buster ► Provided by Dwight5273
    • 1x Nether Star ► Provided by Krysyyjane9191
    • 3x Gold Horse Armor ► Provided by hallandr721
    • 75x Diamonds ► Anonymous Donation
    • 25,000 Rupees ► Provided by Deathconn

    • 1x Dragon Egg ► Provided by EMC Admin Team
    • 5x Aikar Heads ► Provided By Aikar
    • 1x Diamond Memberships ► Provided by xXvexenXx
    • 1x Everlasting Axestopper ► Provided by Olaf_C
    • 50,000 Rupees ► Provided by bonzd67
    • 50,000 Rupees ► Provded by Deathtomb8953
    • 50,000 Rupees ► Provded by Deathtomb8953
    • 50,000 Rupees ► Provded by Deathtomb8953
    • 50,000 Rupees ► Provded by Deathtomb8953
    • 1x Ore Buster ► Provided by Deathtomb8953
    • 1x 2012 New Years Firework ► Provided by Deathtomb8953
    • 10,000 Rupees ► Provided by XHaro_Der
    • 1x Independence Day Firework ► Provided by Olaf_C
    • 2x Independence Day Fireworks ► Provided by joshmcf
    • 1x July 4, 2013 Empire Firework ► Provided by joshmcf
    • 5x Diamond Voters Blocks ► Provided by JackBiggin
    • 1x Stable Voucher ► Provided by Olaf_C
    • 75,000 Rupees ► Provided by Bro_im_infinite
    • 64x Diamond Blocks ► Provided by AmusedStew
    • 1x Tikiman678 Head ► Provided by Tikiman678
    • 3x Gold Horse Armor ► Provided by hallandr721
    • 1x Used Valens Horse ► Provided by hallandr721
    • 75x Diamonds ► Anonymous Doation
    • 3 Gold Memberships ► Provided by Apocryphan

    Rupee Prize For TopG Reviews From xXvexenXx

    xXvexenXx has been gracious enough to offer 1,000 rupees for reviews on the TopG server list for our server listing. Follow the instructions below to qualify for this amazing offering! A big thank you to xXvexenXx!

    • Post your review on for EMC
    • Once the TopG displays your review, let me know by clicking here.
    • If your username on TopG is different than here, be sure to let me know.
    • Once It is posted and confirmed, I will pay you 1,000 rupees.
    • PM me if for some reason there is a delay in your payment.
    • BONUS: Add xHaro_Der to the convo and he'll pay 1,000 rupees too.
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  3. Also, feel free to leave us a positive review if you feel up to making a profile on that site. All positive stories and information will help new players see that EMC is the place to be. :)
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  4. I'm liking this banner much more than the yellow on yellow one, In fact, last night I was talking to bite about that...
  5. awesome!
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  6. Voting all day. :D
  7. May I donate an ore buster?
  8. I like the new format better. We shall do this
    As i said earlier,"This is madness. No... THIS... IS... EMPIRE MINECRAFT!!!!!!"
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  9. Woohoo! Go empire Minecraft!

    Maybe some day, Mojang will give our hard working staff an award for this server.
    I am gonna try an vote every single day!
  10. Road to 1.5?
  11. Think he mention 5 ;)
  12. Oh mah gawd, those prizes are amazing. I want an Aikar head so bad... :p
  13. Derp. Good catch. Fixed.
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  14. Were at 13! Keep voting people.
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  15. I'm voting every day! And I also put a review on the website. I reached the 1000 character limit for the review. I guess I just had so much to say about Empire. :D
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  16. Intresting. If I want to donate a labor bench where would I throw it in?
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