Replacing the bedrock bridges. What block?

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  1. Hey everyone,

    Are you a fantastical floor fanatic, a bridge beautician, and/or a prolific (block) position-er? Well, we've got a discussion for you!

    Now that the outposts are updated and we have Anti-grief in place, it's time to say goodbye to the bedrock bridges of old (on select SMPs) and replace them with a survival block/design that doesn't look quite so 2015.:cool:

    Here's where you all come in and where the discussion begins.
    What SURVIVAL block should replace existing bedrock bridges?

    Note: We also plan to clean up the surrounding areas off the spawn areas at the same time, to help our environmental effort paperwork rebate and support the discovery and enhancement of the frontier lifestyle.:) (jk on the first part about rebates, if you couldn't tell)
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  2. Edited: If we are going with just a single block, then dark oak planks, if we want a bridge design then I've got a couple in mind, how should we go about submitting them?
  3. Ah, cool idea! I might try something myself, what are the size restrictions/wishes? And I'll send this thread to Jelle... :p
  4. I consider this discussion not competition so feel free to make something and post a picture.
  5. Quartz. The theme of the /waste spawns is good and I think it would look great. But not just quartz, like a quartz design, something similar to them spawns...
  6. Concrete allways looks good mixed with other blocks

    White powder with quartz?
  7. Those do look very 2015 (I know because I was here in 2015). Maybe prismarine to blend in with the ocean below/around them?
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  8. Noteblocks


  9. Basic concept: have unspawnable block to be the road, and use quartz and aquatic blocks
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  10. Glowstone and potatos
  11. Unspawnable is not survival. That's pretty though.
  12. Well, it isnt like spammy sea lanterns I placed already makes those unspawnabled =P

    I also used glass to have depth
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  13. Barriers?
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  14. Quartz and sandstone, in the same theme as the wild outposts.

    And for the love of something, don't you dare do stone bricks or glazed terracotta. Someone will get injured if that happens.
  15. Mix in some quartz with some bone blocks for they compliment each other nicely
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  16. Well, you need a bridge that is indestructible. Is uuhhhhhhh bedrock bridges liable?

    Kidding, I am no bridge builder
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  17. On smp8 wild c, two of the bedrock paths are long and at least one of them is decorated by ForeverMaster, and a bit by RDMaster. The decorated path leads to an end portal and RD's ("the architect" sign) tower that provides safe easy access to that end portal. Since FM and RD have already done work out there, I'd suggest sticking with the theme for that one. End blocks/rods lead to the End Portal.

    Here's a few thoughts on things I've run into building roads and the Nether Express for PWU, and just running temporary paths through the waste.
    • Accessibility is important, especially over water or in a tunnel. Provide frequent regular access points so folks can hop out of their boats and get up to the road easily, or enter/exit the tunnel wherever they want.
    • Light it up or use bottom slabs, stairs, or other non-spawnable blocks (light won't prevent spawns in the nether). Folks prefer a road that gets them from Point A to B without fighting all along the way. Fighting is at that arena they built off to the side of the road ;)
    • Make sure it is wide enough and high enough for horses/donkeys. Make sure it's thick enough that the horses won't glitch through and drown under the bridge (RIP my horse Spuds).
    • Folks will build right next to the road and will sometimes create things that block safe passage (giant oak growing over the road as one example that happened and killed someone and their horse, the glass rainbow that completely blocked the road, etc). Plan on some measure to prevent this.
    • Folks will build something that completely blocks an access point. Again, plan on some way to prevent this. I ask people to extend the access point out and make their build to the side of that extension.
    • If you are considering providing something more than just a road, ice boats and/or bullet rails rock the house.
    • For steep vertical access, cartovators FTW. The only reason I don't use them on all the public builds is that if you don't understand how to use them to correctly, they break easy. Staff can make them unbreakable, so you wouldn't have that issue. Not sure if this is applicable for any smp road, but food for thought.
    Hope that wall of text is helpful, cheers :)
  18. Just a thought on my part, but can you blend in the outpost bridges in like you did on smp7 @ /wild e.

    P.S, The leftover stone brick that was left inside the protected area can be removed.

    Sorry I don't have an image facing the other way. Will get one and up date this.

  19. All hail khix, all hail khix!
  20. Perhaps quartz and sandstone quartz slabs as the floor with ice underneath dunno if that’s a overkill tho
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