[RANT] Help me leave?

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  1. I've been not as "active" on EMC for a little bit now, I still hop on and talk to my friends but I haven't actually played for a while. I recently tried to get back into villager trading but I couldn't sell any of the stuff I was producing at rock bottom pricing so it's upset me in the sense of what has gone wrong with EMC.

    To kind of start out where EMC went wrong for me goes back to late April when I was trying to revive Stream Team before being abruptly booted from the team. For those of you who don't know the story to this. I was set to stream Dragon Fights on smp3 when a "certain" Moderator ruined my stream by hosting an Impromptu fist fight on smp3 (no fault to him he has since apologized and we have worked things out). However on my stream I had voiced displeasure with these actions and got upset because it was the 2nd time in a week that a Staff member had ruined a community members event... the previous week Krysyy had released the Easter Event right at the start of a community member's easter egg hunt they were hosting.

    On April 29th I had received a EMC Forum message from Krysyy going over everything wrong with my streams. I had responded very politely with answers to her points on April 30th I had started it out with

    "I've given this a lot of thought last night and today. I've sat and thought... a lot. I really don't want to stop streams on EMC. However I feel as though It would be unwise for my mental health to continue to be Stream Team (unless we can figure something out together) under your management. I'm going to try and get to all your points you've made here."

    I had hoped to work things out but I woke up on May 4th to 3-4 Discord PM's asking me why I was no longer stream team. I had no idea why I wasn't Stream Team anymore I didn't have a PM from Krysyy or anyone for that matter of why I was abruptly "booted" from Stream Team.

    So I had reached out to Krysyy on the forums on the same day and she had replied with what I quoted above. She then proceeded to Say

    "You said it was unwise for your mental health to continue then proceeded to say that you would never agree to censorship. Censorship on streams is REQUIRED in the sense I previously described because negativity from a stream team member is not ever going to be okay. Therefore your title was removed because EMC no longer endorses your streams. You can earn back the title, but as of now you are not an EMC official stream team member because your streams are not to be endorsed by EMC until items are addressed and you can perform the duties in the manner required without feeling a risk to your mental health."

    She had completely skipped over the point of "Unless we can figure something out together" and went straight for booting me from Stream Team without even letting me know I was booted.

    What she is talking about for censorship is that I didn't agree with not being able to say what I had said on stream when a Staff Member took away all my participants for my stream. I hadn't said anything bad at all I didn't use profanity.

    The reason I bring all this up is now on September 25th I had sent a forum PM to Krysyy wanting to know if something I wanted to do with the gambling rules was allowed (Free Sports betting) I had set up a test area for it on how I would set up each week. I have yet to hear anything from her as of 11:12 PM on 10/17/2020.

    Now I see another thread bringing up the same question on where is she and why are Voucher Redemption's taking so long

    With this rant going on for so long I feel the question left to ask is... should I quit? Should I leave behind 6.5 Years of my life and 10,000+ Hours of work. I honestly don't know. I love the community so much but at the end of the day it is dwindling down and ruining all the fun of playing on here. Friday Night Miners (Midnight Miners) hasn't been hosted in ages... no Mob Arena.... Firefloor is the only active event. Harvest Day barely happens all the fun stuff That I enjoyed so much has gone away and I'm not sure I can stay without getting upset over it all.

    All I ask for those still reading or skipped to the bottom... please keep things civil in the comments this isn't a rant I've made to create drama... I just simply want to know if all this stuff is worth quitting over. I've loved this community so much and I'm having hard letting go after all this stuff that's happened on here.
  2. Everyone has personal disagreements but I don't think it's something to leave over, especially if you still think EMC is important to you

    While calling public attention to conflict like this is known to accelerate it, I do hope it works out in your favor. I don't know all the details or everything behind the scenes but I don't think it's worth making a decision like this
  3. I've tried keeping my mouth shut on the situation for 5 months now I've talked about slightly to people and more to others. The more I've thought about it the more I wanted to come "public" with it. I really don't want to start the next "Drama Thread" and I really hope this doesn't turn into this but I felt as though I just needed more people to know :oops:
  4. Do whatever you feel like doing. Just keep this in mind Sefl:

    You should always value personal life affairs and personal aspires more than you should a simple video game. :D

    If you choose to leave, I will miss saying "hello" to you when I used to come online, but I'll be happy because you chose something that you were happy with. :)
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  6. You should do what you want to do.

    The community is still strong, and I would personally stay just for that. A lot of things have happened this year that is probably affecting all of this (no events, no one online, etc). I respect Krysyy for all she does. Just by looking at her profile, she seems to be going through a lot of stuff (like most people right now). Maybe you should bump your message to her. I bet she gets tons of messages and misses some from time to time. :)
  7. I guess all I have to say is "join the club." :p

    I mean, I was in roughly the same position two years ago with my build team demotion. I didn't immediately make a thread, but I did write a long essay on what I perceive to be mismanagement of the server, which was partially based on that experience.

    What I've been doing since then is doing stuff more in the shadows. You can still find plenty of builds of mine that I did for other people, and I haven't really been that much less active, I've just spent a lot less time on "official" stuff, like staff events or discussions on the subject, instead just focussing on working with the people I can work with, and being a bit selective as to which staff members I talk with when I need them for something.

    For me, of course, EMC build team only ever was a side gig, for you, I think, steam was more important than that. Jet, still, I don’t think you should leave if this is your only reason for wanting to. I’ve managed to make it work after what I think was a lot larger fall-out.

    I will also add that it is not like EMC is just suddenly mismanaged or anything like that. I’ve done volunteer’s work for some organisations, and all of them had far worse management. Stuff like this is just what happens when everyone is a volunteer; somewhat likes what they’re doing; feels like they should have some say in the matter; and cares about the course of the program greatly, for they are doing it for charity, for the work, and not for the money, I guess.
  8. I don't know if you should quit per se, but you can always take a break and see how you're doing. If it turns out that EMC has been negatively impacting you then you can leave for as long as you want, but if you find yourself missing the server, then you can return. Ultimately, EMC is a way for you to have fun, and it should serve as a release from life. If it's not doing its job, then it sounds like it might be time to find something that makes you happier.
  9. If you won't want to leave then don't take a break even if that's a break with no return date set in stone

    On the thing and I don't want to stir anything up but

    Is the admins becoming more and more like house master is?
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  10. Sefl!
    Sorry to see you're dealing with some frustrations. Like Joy_the_Miner said, minecraft is just a video game. Don't let your life revolve around EMC. Maybe take a break from EMC and enjoy other things life has to offer.

    Your "Sport Betting" idea sounds fun. Saints vs Panthers next Sunday....20k on the Saints! hahaha

    Take Care Man!
  11. I'm going to echo some of the same things others have said. At the end of the day, Minecraft is indeed just a game, EMC included. I think any community is going to be bound to have some tension here and there, along with some communication problems. It can most definitely be frustrating, I agree with you there!

    I'd be sad to see you go, I enjoy our little conversations! A break could always be a nice step to take, just to get a little bit of space. Whatever you do, you'll always have a place here. :)

    (Also, absolutely agree that sports betting sounds super fun. I'm not great at team stats, but I'd probably participate just for the heck of it. :p)
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  12. I quite cuase of how EMC has changed and not for the better either yea ill get on once and a while but I went back to other games cause emc isn't what it use to be. Sefl only quite if it is what your heart is telling you,
  13. I went away for several years ( but somehow always manage to gravitate back here). I will say I'm disappointed in the current state of the server and would like to see more events and communication to engage the community and keep things interesting. It's easy to get bored. If it's in your best interest take a break, be it a long one like me or a short one, maybe when you return things will be better. I never stop hoping that this server will explode with players and activity :)
    No matter what though there will be players (including myself) that will miss you.
  14. Sefl do whatever your heart desires to do, just know I will not ever forget what good things you've done for the community on EMC and if you decide to forget about EMC and let your account direlect then just know it never will. You can't get away from us that easily.
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  15. Self do what you need to do to stay mentally fit, healthy and happy!
    If that means taking a break then good! If you feel that staying on Emc is right then good! If you feel that leaving Emc is the best for you then that's good too! But just know you will be missed!
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  16. I think everyone has been really positive responding, and will repeat what most have said. Do what makes you happy! Take a break, and if you get the urge, come back. Even just visit from time to time. Take care of yourself <3
  17. Sefl, I can agree that being apart of stream team really meant something to you and I am sorry for the demotion. I however will not say that it should be your time to leave. As you said, you put in alot of time into the server and you made lots of friends here and it would be a shame.

    I however am not apposed to you taking a break from EMC, enjoy life a little bit. When you feel comfortable, come on back. I have done this in the past and it has helped me mentally.