Quartz Express

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  1. Hello, I'm opening to the public the first

    Quartz Express
    track on

    It is a fast railway track that goes 6,000+ blocks out in the nether, so you can easily reach the areas with quartz ore and not-yet-generated chunks, as well as - by using portals - completely new, not-yet-generated chunks in the Overworld.

    To use the track, you need to
    * be mature enough to respect others property, creations and privacy
    * know (learn) how to use railway
    * understand how to use waypoints (manually or with minimap)
    * have full armour, pick, food and a minecart (at least)
    * contact me over the forum (PM)
    * pay one-time admission fee of 400r (you will be added to private conv with instructions)
    * read and follow the instructions and rules

    Have fun!

    Other Quartz Express tracks: -> SMP1, -> SMP2

    PS: Referral bonus is 5% = 20r
  2. Common rules and instructions (all tracks)

    Please be careful when using the railway tracks.

    * Do not change anything!
    * Stations contain sensitive redstone devices - do not dig around stations!
    * You may open branch tunnels at any point, but first dig at least 20 blocks horizontally, especially at stations, to avoid damage.
    * Always close the gates and passages.
    * Close branch tunnels (one block) to prevent pigmen coming out of them.
    * Please report any problems and relevant observations immediately.
    * Respect others property and creations!

    Please keep distance: at least 30 seconds!

    In case of collision:
    * don't panic ;) you're safe
    * greet your collision partner friendly :)
    * take your minecart
    * walk to the next 100 blocks mark (powered rail)
    * place the minecart in front of the first powered rail
    * get into the minecart
    * hold "forward" (usually W)

    The railway is safe, but the nether around isn't!
    No one has died on the track, but many did die while mining and
    wandering through caves, mostly due to ghasts and hidden
    lava blocks.

    Obligatory equipment:
    * full armor
    * enough food
    * a pick (diamond, efficiency 3 + unbreaking 3 is optimal)
    * protection 3 / 4 armor
    * good bow and enough arrows or an infinity bow
    * ender chest and silk-touch pick
    * shovel
    * sword (iron is enough)
    * ender pearls
    * fire resistance potion

    To find Quartz:
    * you need to go 128+ blocks away from the tunnel (to either side)
    * you can look for not yet generated chunks on the live map (black area)
    * you can strip-mine through netherrack (no ghasts, with hidden lava)
    * or you can wander through caves (with ghasts, no hidden lava)

    Good luck!

    Remember to lean back and enjoy the ride. You can read the forum while riding. Internet access is free along the whole track. :)

    You will also get the rail achievement!
  3. well, i'll pay soon :D
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  4. Ill pay here soon.
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  5. Also, something I think worth mentioning in case people don't know: if you do strip-mine, be aware that as of 1.5, there are now random source blocks of lava hidden among the netherrack, and it flows fast.
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  6. Will pay soon :D
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  7. I'm interested
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  8. Bet that was fun to make
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  9. Why Full armor is Obligatory? I'm paying 400r for this >_> also I'll pay soon ^_^
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  10. why does it flow so fast? i had 3 stacks of quartz using this then some lava that flowed faster then water killed me quickly. dont bring god picks a unbr 3 fort/silk should be good.
  11. Lol Superg Rule #1 of Nether Farming: Always Bring Fire Protection Potions.
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  12. Great Idea m4nic, create a railway people WILL pay to use lol. Good luck with this :)
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  13. I'm at the smp7 wild spawn. Next trip (to the station) is starting in few min.
  14. Use Eff III instead of IV
  15. I won't be on-line a lot during next few days.
    I'll check the forum / messages from time to time and send instructions.
    You can ask Silken_thread to assist you.

    Lava flows faster in the nether since 1.5.
    Always mine 3-4 blocks in front of you, then you will have enough time to react.
    I recommend protection 3 / 4 armor and fire resistance potion.
    Efficiency 3 picks are enough, I usually carry two - one with and one without silk touch.
  16. Yeah, killed me once. Wow.
  17. Nether lava is meant to be hotter I presume
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  18. I will pay 400 R.
  19. So I'd like to make Payment today but I'd like to be taken to this place today too.
  20. I will be going to the station on smp7 in about 10 min to show someone else I will take anyone else wanting to know how to get there then. I think M4ni is bussy today irl, he asked me to show ppl where it is for him if he was no.