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  1. Hello, I'm opening to the public the first

    SMP1 Quartz Express
    track now on

    It is a fast railway track that goes 6,000+ blocks out in the nether, so you can easily reach the areas with quartz ore and not-yet-generated chunks, as well as - by using portals - completely new, not-yet-generated chunks in the Overworld.

    To use the track, you need to
    * be mature enough to respect others property, creations and privacy
    * know (learn) how to use railway
    * understand how to use waypoints (manually or with minimap)
    * How to install and use Minimap [HERE]
    * have full armour, pick, food and a minecart (at least)
    * contact me over the forum (PM)
    * pay one-time admission fee of 400r (you will be added to private conv with instructions)
    * read and follow the instructions and rules

    Due to being busy in game myself I can not just drop things at a moments notice to show you to the rail system.

    So once you pay me and confirm it by sending me a pm to confirm you have paid, I will then send all the information that you will need to find the rail.

    If you require more then that I will try arrange for someone to show you. Or I will show you myself when I have time. However the information I will send you in the pm to find the rail system is a step by step guide and I doubt you will need me to show you directly.
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  2. Common rules and instructions (all tracks)

    Please be careful when using the railway tracks.

    * Do not change anything!
    * Stations contain sensitive redstone devices - do not dig around stations!
    * You may open branch tunnels at any point, but first dig at least 20 blocks horizontally, especially at stations, to avoid damage.
    * Always close the gates and passages.
    * Close branch tunnels (one block) to prevent pigmen coming out of them.
    * Please report any problems and relevant observations immediately.
    * Respect others property and creations!

    Please keep distance: at least 30 seconds!

    In case of collision:
    * don't panic ;) you're safe
    * greet your collision partner friendly :)
    * take your minecart
    * walk to the next 50 blocks mark (powered rail)
    * place the minecart in front of the first powered rail
    * get into the minecart
    * hold "forward" (usually W)

    The railway is safe, but the nether around isn't!

    From Smp7 Thread (Thread is HERE)
    "No one has died on the track, but many did die while mining and
    wandering through caves, mostly due to ghasts and hidden
    lava blocks."

    Obligatory equipment:
    * full armor
    * enough food
    * a pick (diamond, efficiency 3 + unbreaking 3 is optimal)
    * protection 3 / 4 armor
    * good bow and enough arrows or an infinity bow
    * ender chest and silk-touch pick
    * shovel
    * sword (iron is enough)
    * ender pearls
    * fire resistance potion
    More information will be sent once payment is received

    p.s if you have already paid to use Smp7 Quartz Express then you only have to pay 100r to use Smp1 Quartz Express, but I will need to confirm this so pls state that you have paid to use that rail in the pm that you send me.

    All the same rules and set up applies to smp1 as it does to smp7!
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  3. If I'm not online to confirm whether you have already paid for SMP7 QE,
    you can either prove that by sending Silken the coordinates of the smp7 station (in a PM!),
    or pay the full amount first, and the discount will be refunded upon check.

    NB: Public disclosure of coordinates will be treated as stealing.
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  4. Time for a bump
  5. Hey, I'm in for this! And P.S. you might wanna give M4nic the credit for the original! :D
  6. We are both working on this together but M4nic did start it, I felt it was such a great idea I jumped in with both feet to help out :p
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  7. I want to join this! SMP1 ftw! I already payed for smp7, do I have to pay the admission fee again?
  8. If I were Silken, I would say that you would pay a reduced fee, probably 275r or something like that... But hey, you never know... :p