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  1. Heya guys, its your friendly neighborhood egg dusting off my old Minecraft forum account :p

    As most of us have been in quarantine, lock-down (whatever you want to call it), I've been wondering if you amazingly talented people have been up to anything interesting! Like learning a new skill or making a project in game or real life or if you've been binge watching 500 episodes of Naruto (cough cough).

    I just started learning a program called Blender (which is free) and followed this great tutorial on how to make a Donut and Coffee from scratch

    but yeah I would love to see what you guys are getting up to!


    I couldn't see to find a post similar to mine but if there is feel free to call me out and I shall close my thread :)
  2. Sup Eggmaestro!

    I haven't really been doing anything different since since we don't really have a lockdown (weird I know). So I haven't picked up any new skills, however, I picked up my Pokemon Red on the gameboy and I'm trying to complete my pokédex! (Almost done, just gotta trade the last ones from the other version)

    Although I've been practicing driving with my dad more, gotta get that license soon.

    Good to hear from you Sach, you party animal! :cool:
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  3. Ayy heya Paddle :p

    That's sick to hear that you picked up that old relic, I've never had it in me to complete a whole Pokedex so well done bro!

    Yeah I guess its a good time to learn to drive as people are gonna be inside (even if you don't have a lockdown)

    and yeah its been great to hear from you
  4. I’ve been practicing my cursive, and doing a pretty darn good job at it, I think.
    I’ve been trying to get at least 1-2hrs of daily journaling in, every single day. Only missed one day so far. My handwriting has been improving vastly.
    also, I recently took up watercolour painting! I’ve been doing a few small pieces, mostly still life’s of nature, and I even sent one to a friend along with a letter (we’re quarantine pen pals).
  5. That' so coool! I would love to see some of the stuff you've been doing, I'm a big fan of art
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  6. Wait, that's not a photo? O-o
    I've been ruining my sleep schedule and playing absurd amounts of Pokemon Go. Nothing "creative" yet, but we'll see.
  7. I totally haven't been um listening to music for like 6 million hours straight or maybe binge watching Disney+ haha :rolleyes:
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  8. nope that was all sculpted and textured by me.

    How's Pokemon GO doing when you're meant to be inside? :p

    and I would love to see if you do something creative!
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  9. ooo what Disney shows have you been watching?
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  10. Hah... hah... Thats nothing compared to watching the 220 episodes of Naruto that precede the 500 episodes of Shippuden- or binge watching all ~900 episodes of One Piece :rolleyes:.

    I haven't had to change anything since this whole quarantining has started. I still go to work and don't leave my house other than for that so nothing changed xD.
  11. Yeah I finished Bleach at the end of last year so I started Naruto this year and then got onto Shippuden straight after, nearly done tho (when writing this I am on episode 460), this Quarantine has really helped with my ability to binge watch.
    Also I could never imagine doing One Piece

    And i'm glad the quarantine hasn't effected your life too badly :)
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  12. One piece is long, but it is great. There is a fair amount of filler (as all long running animes tend to have), but the show was alot of fun to binge watch. I liked One Piece so much that I would consider rewatching all 900+ episodes sometime in the future.

    You should try Black Clover, its a show that airs each week with about 140 episodes so far iirc. Asta (one of the MCs) is super annoying at the start (they tone down how annoying he is about 20-30 episodes in). If you are willing to ignore how annoying Asta is, I recommend this show for sure if you liked Bleach and Naruto.
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  13. Maybe one day I will watch it but I would need a lot of free time, which I don't think I will have later on

    also I am already up to date ish with Black Clover :p I really like it
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  14. this is a really cool thread!


    -i'm waiting for emc to be more stable, so i've been playing [redacted] with my outpost mates to build up another settlement.

    -my 10 Hrs on Every Overwatch Hero challenge continues, i just completed Sigma today. Brings my total count to 12/32 (32 including echo, who releases tomorrow). some heroes are missing from the linked photo.


    -i was going to watch Haikyu!! but funimation doesn't have it :( i have another show i need to finish then i'm rewatching Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid and BNHA.

    other things:

    -i've had a lot of time to catch up on a graphic design side project i do for friends. nothing massive, but a bunch of small (time-consuming) projects. most of it is just reference work, and i'm not confident in my skills enough to bring it to EMC ;) one of those was my forum signature i did a few weeks back. see below

    -just found out i won't have irl school until i'm a sophmore, so i've started my summer beard that will be gone come august (school dress code; no beards).

    -i built a little lego stone mountain out of pieces from a Lego Minecraft set, that was pretty cool. the photo is on my phone so i can't link it, could post it on discord i guess

    -through this i've been vibing all-day-every-day to music, the new Gorillaz series is pretty lit. featured one of my favorite songwriters on their latest track and i've kind of been playing it every day for the past few days.......
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  15. I may or may not have been re-watching Frozen 2 for the millionth time because I am so child-ish and needa watch them Frozen :eek:
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  16. This is an epic idea!
    My list:
    Basically practicing improvisation on the piano
    Attempting new guitar techniques - Bar chords o-O
    Trying to coordinate a virtual band with my friends but so far we can't even agree on a pop song to play (we are trying to play for the boomers virtually lol)
    Creating my own composition of instruments that I will eventually post here. Eventually

    Trying to finish a 15-20 page research paper about ASR
    Also trying to create an app using Javascript and something about three.js (anyone more experienced with that?)

    Helping some of my friends with graphic design things
    Season 4

    And also panicking about school next year because of all the chaos going on :eek:
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  17. blender seems similar to a program i used to use called fusion 360! i've been playing too much emc but mostly just sleeping a lot :p also some art! i finally finished a white colored pencil on black paper portrait ive been working on for a bit! maybe i'll upload an image if im motivated enough to take one :p
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  18. I like the idea on Overwatch, seems quite difficult if you don't like the character but sounds like a fun and fulfilling challenge! I used to play a lot and with the update to quick play I got turned off from playing it even tho I have over 500 hours in the game.
    I haven't seen any of those shows apart from BNHA which the new series so far has been a bit underwhelming for me

    It's great to see that you're helping your friends out with graphic design!

    It seems like you are keeping yourself occupied through this hellish times :p

    haha fair enough, I haven't seen the new one and I don't think I ever will

    Ayy I was waiting for a musician, that's really cool that you're improving multiple instruments, I have put my guitar and Piano skills on hold for a while but I am itching to get back to it.
    And the idea of a virtual band sounds great but with delay might sound a bit strange :p but I hope that you choose a song which you all agree on and perform it to the oldies!

    Woah, I like the logo

    and yeah its a bit scary but we just have to stay strong and hope for this to all blow over, and of course stay inside
  19. That's very cool, Sach! Thanks for sharing! :)
    And nope, I haven't seen a thread like this either. But it's a nice idea!
    However, I have had very little opportunity for stuff like this, I feel like. :( I'm currently still studying, in fact more than I might have been if it weren't for the isolation, as I failed an exam for the first time ever. However, I am considering cancelling my uni courses for the fourth quarter, as the distance studying is very hard on me, and I would love to have time to tidy up my room, work on self-improvement, make cool YouTube videos, compose new chiptunes and minimalistic pieces, et cetera...
    There is one cool thing I did recently that I could share here, though! My study association currently has a daily challenge that I've sometimes participated in (depending on the challenge and the amount of time available, but I think I've sent in something for about half of the days so far), and at some point the challenge was creating a self-portrait!
    I spent 2.5 hours on this; it was fully drawn on our Atari ST (well, Atari STE, but the software I used is for Atari ST so I couldn't make use of the extra colours that come with the STE), with a 16 colour palette out of 512 total possible colours and 320x200 pixels. And I've got to say, it turned out a whole lot better than I had expected. :D
  20. Yeah I understand how difficult it may be to still be dealing with university work during this quarantine and best of luck with whatever option you decide to do.

    Also great job on the self portrait, it looks really cool! Your hard work really has paid off
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