Quality of Life Update! - 1/6/16

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  1. Hello everyone!
    Exciting update time. everyone always says "It's the little things that count", and we sure hope this update reaffirms that!

    This update has focused on tiny improvements that just overall improve your experience and should greatly help new players who are new to how the server operates.

    • Added new "Respawn Closest" system. Upon death, if an outpost is closer than your current bed, or no bed is set, that nearest outpost will be used instead.

      So no more spawning in Wastelands Center when you were at Wastelands NW. This applies to Frontier Wild too.
      This will not apply to Frontier Nether, it will always use vanilla logic there, But does apply to Wastelands Nether since it has outposts.

      If your bed is closer than the outpost, you will arrive at the bed. Essentially, it will put you as close to your death location as it can.
      If you WANTED to go to your bed, simply turn the setting off, die again, and you will be back at vanilla mechanics.
    • Major overhaul to /res cset/cpset etc. Chicken performed voodoo on our Chest UI system and massively overhauled its capabilities.

      Now includes sounds for clicking and many more flags now manageable.
    • /loc and /compass have merged, now being 1 command to see everything about your location, direction, and compass target.
    • /loc now shows current Region (Nearest Outpost) for Wastelands and Frontier Wild (See above)
      If you can never remember which one you're at, just type /loc.
    • Confirmation prompts now accept right clicks as well as holding shift clicks. Noticed MC registered my shift key as stuck down when it wasn't, messing up my ability to confirm.

      So now it will still work.
    • /v now supports tab completion! Res names, addresses and even tags! type /v +[tab]
    • Fixed a major performance problem on the server wasting server CPU. Hopefully will reduce TPS issues.
    • Added more aliases for commands like /res loc add|set etc to be consistent with other commands.
      updating tags no longer requires tag update, set/add again now works. old subcommands all still work
    • Added message on login when you have friends online. Click it to see them (/f online, not a new command!)
    • New players will not see any tips suggesting them to support as part of the Empire Tips system, giving them more tips that help them learn instead.
    • Added tip for how to click on clickable elements of chat messages that the Empire uses to new players on login, and many many times to the Tips system, as that is a major part many new players do not know how to do, yet many elements of the Empire uses it.
    • New Residence Feature - new policies added!
      Added a much requested command to change the owner of a Residence without resetting the residence.

      Command: /res changeowner [newowner]

      Both players must be online
      Both players must accept a confirmation prompt, starting with the sender (or in most cases, seller)
      Receiver must have an open res avail (under limit on /res list) and still can not have more than 1 Residence on Utopia.
      Then the receiver must accept it.

      Both players will be charged 25k rupees each!


      Selling Your Residence
      • Forum threads will be permitted, in the appropriate section.
      • When selling, you may list items in chests that are included but they MUST be accessible and have a preview sign attached. This allows players to view any items in chests that are advertised as a part of the residence transfer of ownership deal, thus removing blind sales.
      • Upon initiating the transfer, there will be a disclaimer stating that the residence is being transferred in as-is condition and that Staff will not get involved with disputes. Not agreeing to this will void the transfer.
      Auctioning Your Residence
      • Currently disallowed.
      Senior Staff Services Changes
      • All residence moves have been set at 100k rupees, before discounts, regardless of cross-server or not.
      • Residence moves WITH change of ownership will now be available for 150k (the cost of a residence move and transfer of ownership combined).
      • All limitations are listed out in full at http://ss.emc.gs.
    More improvements coming in another update, but wanted to go ahead and get these out.

    Winter event and promos will go on for about another week.
  2. Amazing

    EDIT: 2500th post
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  3. Sounds good.
  4. cool stuff
  5. Woop Woop finally owner ship change
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  6. The res owner change is huge, awesome work :)
  7. Currently known that /smpX etc are broken. Likely some other commands too.

    Did some under the hood changes to command system to clean up and improve things, and apparently something is bugged - will send out fix soon as its ready.

    you can use /go smpX for now to switch servers.
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  8. Maybe the /smpX thing being broken is only for some people? it's not broken for me
    It's broken for me now
  9. I can build realestate and sell teh nice houses? Excellent!
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  10. If I ever intend to sell my Financial Center (which I probably will not), there should probably be some kind of rent control for the tenants in all the buildings
  11. Command fixed, was only /smpx affected. which isnt even really possible to test on dev but it broke because /smpx uses "non standard" methods to be lazy and keep the code in less repetitive ways.
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  12. The receiver player have to have free residence slot. No ? ;)
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  13. yes ill update post
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  14. Time and time again you impress me Aikar, this update is incredible!
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  15. Awesome update! I love the new chest UI for res flags, it'll be way easier to use :)
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  16. Thanks Aikar for this update :D
  18. this looks awesome!

    also makes emc less pushy for new players. my #1 annoyance with servers; ur online for some minutes and they quickly try 2 push u to support them. but how can u decide if u want 2 support if ur still learning?

    i think this is a very wise decision!
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  19. Wow, always making great improvements!
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