Quality Improvements - Now or wait a bit?

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Delay DT 3/4 for a few more round of updates

Yes, Including Friends List 132 vote(s) 58.7%
Yes, But hold off on friends list 30 vote(s) 13.3%
No, Release Part 3 first 63 vote(s) 28.0%
  1. Hey everyone! Poll time!

    Last night I worked on a few quality elements to improve the usability of the empire for new and old members a like, I detailed a few on my profile here (FYI: Follow my profile for status updates on what I'm doing, as I use that for tiny things that don't warrant their own thread....):

    I've got some of the technology in place to assist with better multi-server travel now, and now I want your opinion!

    Should I pause progress on DT Step 3 and keep working on more of these usability things of the Empire, or should I knock part 3 out then do a few more quality things?

    Some elements I'd like to do next:
    • Cross Server Tells....
    • Making /v res that is on another server work by automatically switching servers and /v'ing if it knows your also in town on that server too.
    • Basic Friends list? add/remove friends, join/quit message from friends on other servers, send message to all friends? (Bigger task than the above 2)
    These won't take too long to do.

    So what have you community?! Push on part 3 a little to get a few more fun and quality elements in?
  2. If you keep working on it, how far away would part 3 of DT be? I think that could influence some of our votes.
  3. Updates like the above are always more important to me than DT. Already voted but yeah, you know.... :)
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  4. I think it is better to polish what we have first and then knock out dragon tomb.
  5. How much would this delay DT3?
  6. As everyone knows, aikar time is very unpredictable....

    Small tasks that I can knock out in a single hour get easy to complete, where as larger tasks like DT that consists over multiple days gets trickier.

    If I had 5 hours a day solid with no distractions (hint: thats hard), maybe 3-7 days including testing and fixing? and for bigger tasks, theres always unexpected problems to solve.

    Cross Server Tells and /v thing I could likely be done with in 2 days, another 2 days for friends list?
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  7. Everybody loves the idea of the Dragon Tombs, and I have been very excited about the progress and have been waiting for them to be released, but I think the usability of the Empire would be more favorable right now. I like the idea of automatic server switching, friend lists, and cross server tells. I know a lot of people who would rather have those now and wait for the Dragon Tombs than vice versa.
  8. My vote goes out to the Dragon Tomb Update 3!
    One step closer to the dragon-omelette!
  9. Cross server tells would be awesome. I think that and a friends list would let us swap servers a lot more.
  10. Aikar you've been pushing dragon tombs back too much :p If you push it back more other stuff will come up, just knock out pt. 3 and then get the other stuff done.
  11. Well if the other little updates are quicker then in my opinion it'd be better to get those out of the way so you can focus on the bigger Dragon Tomb update
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  12. And this is why I throw things in between the bigger updates, as polish is very key for retaining members.

    It's a battle of delivering this long desired beast and improving our overall quality in general.

    While our new members influx got pretty high (btw: all ad campaigns are paused atm, so please keep voting and referring members!), I'm extremely dissatisfied with how many stick around. While in normal "business" sense, the retention rate is excellent, I know we can do better :) and I'm going to make a new thread here soon to help us improve there.
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  13. I would normally say no to pushing back dragon tombs more, but we NEED these updates. They would just make everything so much more convenient. So I say dragon tombs can wait just a little longer.
  14. Personally I'm for whatever you feel would be best. I do however think these smaller updates would be nice pre-dragon tombs since you'll hopefully have a "break" once that large update is out.
  15. As I've said before, I don't really care when dragon tombs comes. So in in favor of improving on the already existing product! :D
  16. When I'm working on more than one coding project, I find I need a little variety but not too much -- if I focus too long on one project I get bogged down in details and lose steam, but if I let a project sit too long while working on other stuff, I lose motivation to go back to it.

    So, if you're anything like me, I'd say pick up whatever's been sitting the longest. It sounds like you've been doing a bunch of quality-of-life stuff since adding DT phase 2, so maybe it's time to get back to DT phase 3, at least for a little while.

    But of course, everyone's workflow is different. *shrug*
  17. I think is is best to get the little things out of the way first that way more time can be focused on the bigger things
  18. A week extra to wait is literally nothing, go for it.
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  19. Ehh, I dont like the idea of friends list.

    I think that if I really wanted to use the list, it would fill up my whole screen. It might make MC lag. Not sure.

    But, the friends list would not appeal to me.