*PSA* Warning to Internet Explorer users

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Aikar, Apr 28, 2014.

  1. This is a public service announcement to anyone who is using Internet Explorer.

    A new vulnerability has been found that affects every version of IE, including IE 11, allowing a hacker to compromise your PC simply by visiting a web page.

    Article here: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2457206,00.asp

    It is recommended anyone using IE to install Firefox: http://getfirefox.com or Chrome.

    These browsers are more secure by design and will help avoid issues like this.

    Until your IE is patched, it is not safe to browse the internet with it, as even legit websites could infect you by Advertisements.

    Please browse safe.
  2. Thankfully nobody actually uses Internet Explorer.

    Get your stuff together, Microsoft.
  3. Thanks for warning us aikar. Good thing internet explorer is so fa
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  4. Sigh, google chrome hated on again.. D: no download link and its after firefox :p

    My parents still use IE and refuse to change.
  5. fourth
    chrome ftw
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  6. Firefox AdBlock > Chromes Adblock :p

    Firefox's addon API is far superior to Chromes. So if you want security, Firefox offers more.

    Firefox + AdBlock + NoScript = You're safe. (Though I use Linux so I don't need NoScript ;))

    And I didn't feel like looking up chrome's URL, but Firefox's is quite easy to remember =P
  7. http://Chrome.com :p
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  8. Just another reason NOT to use IE if you're one of the few people that actually still use it.

    Wonder how this will affect my school, they use IE. :p
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  10. luckily my school has this thing called deepfreeze so it auto-deletes anything you install
  11. Few, good thing it was IE, and all the users can be warned.
    I mean it can't take long to warn 5 people.... :cool:
  12. People still use Internet Exploder..? :eek:
  13. I was half expecting something along the lines of

    *PSA* Warning to Internet Explorer users

    This is a public service announcement to anyone who is using Internet Explorer.
    Internet Explorer is bad. Please switch to a different browser.
    Thank you.

    Edit: But seriously, thanks for the warning, I appreciate that you made this thread :)
  14. 10% of our visitors sadly still use IE...
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  15. Not aikar, but maybe nick5013.
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  16. Interesting. I said on another thread I would like to openly see some demographics from EMC. Would this be possible? :)
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