PSA: Infinite Villagers are gone in 1.8

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    There has been a persistent rumour on EMC that Villagers created in 1.7 will keep the old 1.7 trade behavior and only villagers created in 1.8 get the new 1.8 behavior.

    Well after extensive review, I have to inform you this statement is extremely wrong.

    What actually happens is that any current trades your villagers have are intended to stay the same and not reset to the new 1.8 trades.

    However, the Trade Behavior does not differ between the version a villager is created... EVERY Villager, 1.7 or 1.8, has the same new lockout/trade behavior.

    So even if you had a paper to emerald trade in the last slot, in 1.8 that slot can now become locked, even if it was created in 1.7.

    However you can re-unlock it by trading other items to the villager.

    but, the detail about 1.7 trades carrying over... EMC will be removing that due to a bug making 1.7 villagers extremely overpowered compared to 1.8 created ones, potentially resulting in double trades of same item, having double the number of trades compared to a 1.8 spawned villager.

    This is not a fair bug, and we will not let it remain in place, So all villagers will convert to 1.8 trades. If you had 5 trades, you will have at least 5 on your new villager (maybe 1-2 additional if you get lucky...)

    -- EDIT: Ignore striked out content - We found a way to not reset existing trades, but still fix the issue with double trades --

    I know this will upset people who use this detail, but note the concept of an infinite trade villager was already broken by the 1.8 update, not an EMC change, and all information saying they will remain infinite in 1.8 was false.

    So we recommend anyone trying to create an infinite villager to stop, and note that the concept of them are essentially gone as of 1.8.

    We will not be changing mechanics to bring back the 1.7 concepts. We are pretty happy with this change in 1.8, as we believe it brings them to be more balanced and encourages trading multiple item types.

    However, If you get lucky to get a villager with 3+ desirable trades, then I guess you have found a new "infinite villager" as you can just keep rotating the 3 trades to keep unlocking the rest.
  2. Well... It's been a busy and somewhat wasted week. Makes sense though..

    Thanks for the heads up when you could. Also thanks for unlocking some trades, at least some of the work will pay off.
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  3. 2nd!
    To be honest it wont affect me much so.... Yea xD
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  4. so much for playing pure vanilla
  5. EMC hasn't really been Vanilla for more than 2-3+ years...

    We fix problems and make the game better where Mojang fails to.

    The way I describe EMC to people IRL is "A Better Minecraft"

    We are not going to keep unfair bugs in the game just to "Stay vanilla", and we also have to make changes to keep things balanced overall for multiplayer and economy elements.

    MC is designed and balanced to single player... not 3+ yr old worlds with thousands of players and an economy.

    That is why I have to make judgement to supercede Mojang's, because lets be honest, I do a better job than them =P
  6. Proof to the point on that Aikar: Because of EMC I dont even want to play SP anymore. If I do, its on creative with world edit to develop prototype designs for use on EMC.

    It's at the point where quitting EMC = Quitting minecraft. SP is horrible outside the EMC imrpovements and no server comes close to the quality you and the development team put into this place.

    All I can do for you is give a standing ovation for your work. Any more would fall into disturbing territory and any less would be an insult to the work you do.
  7. i see this mainly trying to reduce the amount of cane farms in town more than balancing the economy.
  8. I totally agree. I take my hat off to you Aikar
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  9. I will miss my infinite villagers, but it is only fair. Thank you, Aikar. Time to work on an OP gold farm that will vanish in 1.9 :p
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  10. I think you are misreading the post...

    Mojang broke them, not EMC. The element that _I_ am changing is keeping the same exact recipes the villager previously had in 1.7 when it goes to 1.8. So essentially youll just get a new list of trades.

    But since Mojang broke them, I am now also customizing them a bit more to balance things out with the reset process.
    I didn't want to go change things up in the past, but now that Mojang has, this is the right time so everyone can just get use to the new way villagers work and come up with plans on how to use them from there.
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  11. I think it is ok but I wish that stade but it will now balance the economy
  12. If I understand correctly, my infinite paper and wheat guys are useless anyway. But my blacksmith with trades for all diamond armor and gear types may not still trade all of those anymore? Or will it keep every single trade that is currently open?
  13. All trades will change.
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  14. Mojang intended for them to keep the trades when players complained, however they were sloppy and due to how the code works, it makes a 1.7 villager over powered compared to a 1.8 villager, so EMC has intentionally removed the "retain old trades" and converted them to 1.8 trades.

    so the CURRENT trades you have won't exists in 1.8, but you will get an equal number of new trades. Whether or not you like those new trades is up to luck of the random...
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  15. This will actually not help the amount of farms in town, it just changes them. Those people with cane farms will now add 2-3 more sky high farms to adjust to the Farmer focused trades in 1.8.

    This won't even really change the ability to farm emeralds, it will just keep people all on the same footing.
  16. In what way will it not change the ability to farm emeralds? Sure you can still re egg them but to get as many emeralds as we are getting now will take MONTHS.
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  17. well, thats 60k wasted
  18. yeah sort of upset myself too, just went and got a shat ton of emeralds.
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  19. Librarians and sugar cane are not a good way to farm for emeralds in 1.8. This is correct. Farmers have 5 different 1.8 auto-farm-able item trades for emeralds though. From what I've heard it just takes 2 of those to keep a villager trading infinitely.
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