PSA: Infinite Villagers are gone in 1.8

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Aikar, May 3, 2015.

  1. All I want to say is thank you Aikar for doing the extra bit so we keep our trades :) this is awesome ty!
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  2. I think you missed the point...

    The last slot means absolutely nothing any more. The trade mechanics have changed. 1.8 removed the concept of "infinite" that you are desiring, not I.

    What people were upset with before with me was the original intent to reset 1.7 trades, which we are not doing now.

    If your upset that you cant trade a single item infinitely, mojang is the one deserving of your anger.
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  3. Awesome that trades are not being reset. Thank you for this.
  4. Thanks Aikar for your continued work
  5. Me too! This is exactly what I think as I glance at the singleplayer button on the title screen. Minecraft is no good alone! I love EMC for the company it provides, along with the slight tweaks it has made to vanilla Minecraft. French vanilla rocks!
  6. I feel like i already read this exact same first post, a few months ago.
  7. Any chance you can clarify some of the changes Aikar?

    If unlocked in 1.7 before upgrade:
    Will a Farmer still keep his chicken trade? (please say yes)
    Will a Farmer keep his wool trade?
    - If so, will he accept colored wool like 1.7, or only white, like 1.8?
    Will a butcher keep his beef trade?
    Will a blacksmith still keep his dia boot, legs and helm trade?
    Will a saddle for 6 em stay, even though 1.8 starts at 8?
    Will 4 xp bottles stay for 1 em, or will it change to the new 3-11 em per 1?
    - This ones the most drastic change for pricing
  8. Any trade you currently have will stay there forever, at the exact same trade values.
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  9. Wahoo!
  10. however you will need to refresh those trades with two other trades, which is the main difference from now
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  11. Ahh, so much opinion here. I think we all need to step back for a moment. When I first got word of this, I was furious, as the only other person I know who trades emeralds like I do is Skarecboi. He showed me that on EMC, If you worked hard and saved your money, you could buy enough pistons, glowstone and Redstone to build a creation so grand, that a new member like myself ( 13 months ago ) could not only make enough r on emc to buy anything you wanted, and still be able to pay new members well to turn all that cane into pape.r. BUT: It still takes work. Anyone who thinks making a dc of emeralds is easy has obviously never done it. Back to the point though, thanks Skare, your one of the reasons me and my 2 children and myself are All paying supporters. BUT, even though I completely disagree with Aikar on this decision, we all need to rememer that Emc is OWNED AND OPERATED BY AIKAR. It doesn't HAVE to be a democratic decision, he's only running HIS business as he sees best. So continue on Aikar, I don't agree with this from a gameplayer's prospective, I understand that your running your business as you see fit.
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  12. a few posts back aikar compromised from the original post and came to a mutually agreeable decision.
  13. When did I say thingy? I wasn't done yet, but my phone posted what I had already written while it was in my pocket. I'll finish the post when I get back to my PC.
  14. just didnt feel like copying your paragraph:
    heres the post where aikar had a better idea
  15. Thanks for clearing that up, I wasn't sure what you meant:)
  16. No one thought it was a conspiracy.
    What we were upset about was that you did do this last minute and without consulting the community resolved to do something quite destructive, in particular after we've all patiently awaited (and supported EMC) the 1.8 update for months now, only to find out that the 1.8 update would be horrible. I definitely felt like your post was more focused on attacking all of the people who tested and knew what would happen to villagers rather than an apology or explanation.I can't speak for others, but I would have been a lot less upset if I didn't think you made such a strong effort to cast blame on others for a decision you apparently made completely by yourself. I guess it didn't help that people tried to come to your aid with even more misinformation.
    So in case I wasn't clear, no one I talked to today thought it was "earth shattering," or "some kind of conspiracy." We did however feel like you were trying to cram the 1.8 update into a few days and were making some rash decisions as a result, and then trying to cast responsibility for those decisions on others. As an intermittently supporting member I was hurt that so much of our plans and investments were so easily disregarded on what seemed to be a whim. I think my concerns were spot on, as there was most certainly another way to handle the transition which apparently you found as a result of this thread.

    In the future, I think it would be wise to: plan ahead for big updates to the game, discuss drastic "fixes" for "bugs" with the community, keep the game as vanilla as possible, and not blame others for misinformation when their information was completely factual.

    What do you mean by partially retaining them though? If they are "partially 1.8" will their trades not reset once they are used like most 1.8 villagers? The vanilla transition makes them "partially 1.8" in the sense that they gain some new slots (like ShelLuser pointed out), but if they are just going to reset it's kind of the same thing except it will take a few trades to settle in, which is not really an improvement.

    If they will keep their trades, then I very, very much appreciate you listening to the community on this one. Thanks.

    Edit: :p I was looking at page 4 and posting on page 6. I didn't see all the explanation.
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  18. :\
    To be clear, I have been a big supporter of Aikar's since I joined, and he is the one that convinced me to start supporting EMC. Though I don't subscribe monthly it's never bothered me to drop money on a colorful name just to keep this server alive.

    I just think that sometimes "EMC" (being of course more than one person) promises a lot of productive changes, offers no explanation for why they weren't implemented, then codes something destructive, then insults anyone who isn't super happy about it. There are members that posted complaints that have been supporting members for 3+ years. I feel like they deserve more of an explanation. They deserve protection in the wilderness. They deserve Dragon Tombs. Instead they have Blizz Ard Noses that do absolutely nothing, promos that are just regular saplings, and now their villagers are under attack by staff...
    I am very grateful that you are listening, Aikar, I just think it's past due time for transparency as well as some of the productive updates that have been promised and subsequently forgotten. Time would be better spent making Blizz Ard noses do something, and time is apparently something you are quite short on.

    I just don't think this was ever even an issue. If you killed every villager you saw, I don't think you'd even notice a change in the "economy." Villagers were no threat to an economy that self-balances in spite of giant redstone machines. If anything was going to destroy the server, it would be these darn Pots of Gold. I get 45 free gold blocks every day just for right clicking, and I use a macro so I only have to click once.
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  19. his most recent post essentially states that he isnt changing anything except making your current trades persist where they are, mojang and vanilla changed alot more then that and if he left villagers alone and updated you would be far more pissed.
  20. He hasn't changed them much, just isn't allowing 1.7 villagers to gain 1.8 trades. The trades will still carry over, but the mechanics of the trading system were changed by Mojang, and since all villagers (pre 1.8 and 1.8) are the same entity type, they are all working off of the same code. So Mojang is the one who killed the infinite mechanic, not Aikar. He is just disabling pre-1.8 villagers from getting the new trades as to avoid duping issues and whatever else problems there are.
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