PSA: Infinite Villagers are gone in 1.8

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Aikar, May 3, 2015.

  1. Thank you for figuring out a way to save the villagers! Also, thank you for all the work you put into EMC.
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  2. So, I don't need to spend the entirety of next week stockpiling xp bottles? :D
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  3. Completely agree. Even something as insignificant and asking someone to use a easier to read font is met with unnecessary hostility. Unfortunately I have not been here that long and this is the norm for me.
  4. Well, just note in 1.8 the trade lock mechanics change, so hopefully some of your other trades on the villager are 'desirable' so that you can trade them to reunlock your xp bottle trade.

    Essentially 1.8 makes it so you need to do more than a single trade to keep it unlocked.
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  5. Welcome to the entirety of the internet. Ever been on imgur/reddit and seen the hate/sarcastic comments that show up and somehow get all the points? Humans behind computer screens can be quite nasty to each other. If you ever feel attacked, please report the post.

    Now let's try to keep this thread on topic please.
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  6. I am still calm, and I am definitely thinking before I type.

    Now I don't know what you meant by this:
    But if that was directed toward me, I am not stupid. I always think before I type, and think "How will this person react to me saying this." I clearly handled the situation fine myself and staff intervention was completely unnecessary because it did not continue.

    Now lets get this thread back on track.

    I am going to definitely trade with my infinite villagers and use them as much as I can until 1.8 comes out.

    So let's say you have a book trade villager that you worked hard on. Are you saying that it will still have the same book trade?
  7. yes, I've copied a villager from 1.7 and already verified it has the same trades still with my updated code, and is not gaining new trades like it did before.
  8. So u mean there are still Infinite Villagers?
    Or are they gone
  9. Thank you Aikar! I really appreciate the added work for this.
  10. There will not be infinite villagers.
  11. Infinite villager will be there but you need to have 3 infinite trades(1st desirable trade, you spam then it locks, to unlock it you need to spam(<-- not necessary) trade another item to the villager, after that locks you need to trade for a third item(preferably desirable so its not a waste) and then the 1st one unlocks, then after locking the 1st one again you the second one will unlock and so on...

    I think that is what aikar meant, please correct me if I'm wrong
  12. Well, the trade itself is unlimited in use, just you no longer can infinitely trade the same item without also trading other items.

    in 1.7 you could trade a non final slot paper endless times if you also traded the last slot to keep resetting the paper...
    Thats close to how it works now. Just it no longer depends on that last slot, you can trade any slot.

    Also note - there will not be a chance of double paper... in 1.8 the trades are more static. From what I see, every villager of the same profession/career will always have the same rough trade types, and Paper is ALWAYS the first trade...

    So, any 1.7 villager will be guaranteed to overwrite that paper trade. But librarians have a lot of trades in general.

    I had a paper in last slot villager gain 3 more trades, 2 enchanted books and name tag. Name tag will always be the last trade.

                    new EntityVillager.MerchantRecipeOptionBuy(Items.PAPER, new EntityVillager.MerchantOptionRandomRange(24,36)),
                    new EntityVillager.MerchantRecipeOptionBook()
                }, {
                    new EntityVillager.MerchantRecipeOptionBuy(Items.BOOK,new EntityVillager.MerchantOptionRandomRange(8, 10)),
                    new EntityVillager.MerchantRecipeOptionSell(Items.COMPASS,new EntityVillager.MerchantOptionRandomRange(10, 12)),
                    new EntityVillager.MerchantRecipeOptionSell(Item.getItemOf(Blocks.BOOKSHELF),new EntityVillager.MerchantOptionRandomRange(3, 4))
                }, {
                    new EntityVillager.MerchantRecipeOptionBuy(Items.WRITTEN_BOOK,new EntityVillager.MerchantOptionRandomRange(2, 2)),
                    new EntityVillager.MerchantRecipeOptionSell(Items.CLOCK,new EntityVillager.MerchantOptionRandomRange(10, 12)),
                    new EntityVillager.MerchantRecipeOptionSell(Item.getItemOf(Blocks.GLASS), new EntityVillager.MerchantOptionRandomRange(-5,-3))
                }, {
                    new EntityVillager.MerchantRecipeOptionBook()
                    new EntityVillager.MerchantRecipeOptionBook()
                }, {
                new EntityVillager.MerchantRecipeOptionSell(Items.NAME_TAG,new EntityVillager.MerchantOptionRandomRange(20, 22))
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  13. Alright just for a little bit of clarification. Let's say I have a librarian villager with 1 trade which is 11 emeralds for a clock. After we update to 1.8 and I trade for the clock will the next trade be paper, or will there be no more possible trades to unlock?
  14. If you have all unlocked in 1.7 for a librarian, you will be able to unlock 3 more, 2 enchanting books and 1 name tag.

    What books you get is random, but you will always get 2 enchanting books and name tag from a full built librarian 1.7 villager.

    and all your 1.7 trades will stay the same.

    You can not earn another paper trade.

    Look at list I pasted above. 8 trades from 1.7 overwrites those first 8. Leaving 3 more left to unlock.
  15. Well seeing as how they will delete our months of hard work because other lazy people complain its not fair. The lazy people always get their way to ruin our way of playing.
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  16. Please read recent responses... We're not resetting 1.7 trades.
  17. Lol I read them, you will still add those 3 extra trades which in turn will turn our infinite villagers into villagers with end poop trades which will make them not even worth to trade therefore un-infinite. In result those infinite villagers will no longer be infinite, they will have crap trades to them.
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  18. Hey, you never know... those 2 enchanted book trades might be really good :D
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  19. You think I wanna trade emeralds for books I can get from regular enchanting? Get lost. I like my paper villagers because its a steady income. Not willing to give that up for a unbreaking III book trade. That would mean massive income loss.
  20. Blah blah blah this is a fair compromise to a messed up situation, think critically and youll see that its about as fair as it gets without altering the vanilla changes mojang implemented
    Edit: also quit being a stinky nerfherder