Project Certamen Geli – The most elaborate ice-racing track

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  1. Hello there everyone, it’s TomvanWijnen and Jelle68 presenting you what may be our most ambitious project yet.

    Since the release of Minecraft 1.9, the update that changed boats to make these tracks possible, we have been working on long ice-racing tracks. We abandoned multiple projects and one stayed on hold for almost a year.
    After having spent countless hours on designing the track without decorations, solely focusing on how it races; and after the roughly forty hours spent on the aesthetics afterwards, we are here to present you project Certamen Geli (The Frosted Race). It contains two tracks. A main track, which takes roughly two and a half minutes to complete, and a smaller one of roughly half a minute a lap.
    Honestly: both are quite easy to get addicted to, and a larger percentage than we would like of the over two hundred hours spent in the designing world was spent trying to set a new lap record.

    Whilst designing this, we have discovered a few new techniques for ice-racing tracks: the most notable being a fail-proof elevator. You don’t slow down, and it works every time. You could even argue it provides the second of rest you need in the midst of a stressful lap.

    This elevator is faster, smoother and far more consistent than any other elevator used (working seamlessly / the first time more than 99.5% of the time) and doesn’t at all make the track feel like it stops to make you go upwards, like a Slimeblock elevator would. Additionally: It gives the freedom of verticality to the track designer.
    It works by using the way boats interact with water whilst falling, to push it up every time it hits one of the water pillars, so make sure the boat is falling when it hits the first water pillar, if you make one yourself, otherwise it will not work.
    This works in every single version of Minecraft upwards from 1.9
    Yes, we are planning to host events here. No, this is not the only thing we have planned for this residence.


    You can find it at residence 5333.
    /v 5333 teleports you to the main track and /v 5333@s teleports to the smaller/secundairy track. You can also find a teleport to a boat shop next to the starting places of the levels.

    Some more screenshots to marvel at are available at:

    ~ TomvanWijnen & Jelle68
  2. Cool! :D
    Is this 'designing world' the one I raced in? :D
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  3. Looking absolutely spectacular! I imagine I could make a lap in about 10 minutes, give or take :D
  4. That's incredible! Fantastic job :D

    I look forward to seeing it in-game. :)
  5. This is definitely something that I'll have to check out when it's ready~
  6. This looks LEGIT
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  7. It is slowly coming along:

    I just finished everything under y = 64, which is probably a little under half of this project. (alternetivly it is (located) under over half of this project :rolleyes:) We are slowely seeing this project rise upwards, layer by layer, and a lot of work has gone into it alredey.

    Anyway, the main reason for this post is that I noted that (for a short time alredey) the small secnd track has been compleated. It is the track you currently teleport to when you go to /v 5333. It is, just like evrything else that is underground, very simple aestethicly, but the track should be fun to do.

    Enjoy :)


    How do you mean? as in: create/design a lap of race track? I think not :p as in: do the race track itself? Well: we tested that :p
    My currently record on the main track is 2:25. (That is starting at the press of the button, ending when you fall down at the water in which you can also fall when you start the track) I am expectably quite good at playing my own game. We did, though, really want to know how fast other people, people who didn't design the track and spent countless hours in boats designing it, would do the track. I tested it on a friend, and his first lap was roughly eight minutes. It took him probbaly fefteen more to get his next lap at roughly 3 minutes, and after half an hour of playing around with the track, also practacing little parts, he got his new best time at 2:40. (my average is 2:32)
    So: eys, your first track might indeed by around 10 minutes, but, with only a bit of practce, you can get down to udner the three minutes quite quickly :)
  8. Yes, But I am terribly bad at getting spun around in my boat when on ice, so I figured if you guys took 2.5 min per lap, it would likely take me 10 min per lap. :D
  9. You are not alone Raaynn, I too have problems with "ice boats". haha~
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  10. This just looks and sounds exciting! Ice and boats, what could go wrong... Nah jk, love what you can do with these. I did not know about the elevator workaround. I thought those were gone for good. I haven't taken the time to come see it in-game, and in fact, I didn't know about it until recently, but now that I do I am quite interested too in venturing over to gaze upon it's magnificence.

    - Incredible build guys, great job! :D
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  11. I don't think it's done yet. ;)
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  12. 10/10 amazing work!
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  13. Are you sure? :p

    Indeed, in a little under three weeks, I managed to build this thing start to finish. Everything is compleatly playable, all the flags should be set up properly, and I even installed a small boat shop, to which you can find the teleport text to the start.

    /v 5333 now teleports to the main track, and /v 5333 s teleports to the secondairy/small track.

    Main post will be updatad to include all this information :)

    I understand that you hadn't heard of them before, as Tom and I invented them :p
  14. Wow, great!
    Also, it was strange to see that the last post in this thread prior to Nick's reaction is from November 19th. :confused: I thought this thread was posted last week. :p
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