Poll: Small ad on top of site?

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Place an ad on the top right of the site for the extra cash?

Poll closed Mar 5, 2012.
Yes - I can live with having an ad 99 vote(s) 82.5%
No - Gross I don't want this 21 vote(s) 17.5%
  1. Hey EMC!

    Online advertising is one of those things that makes me feel kind of dirty talking about. You may have noticed I have been trying a couple ads on the bottom of the site over the last few weeks. They do bring in a couple extra dollars on a good day, and that is more money going straight to the community for new servers and supporting what we already have. I know that a small ad on the top right of the site would bring in a little more but I didn't know if that extra money for the server outweighed the ugliness of having an ad. We are a community so I figured I would put it up for a three day vote, whatever wins I will go with. Here is a screen shot of what I am talking about:

  2. Justin - do it. No big deal, and the extra money will be worth it, easy. :)
  3. I'm personally fine with it. Its a few extra dollars to help out, right? Besides, if you have the right adblocker, you probably won't see it anyway... Though, I don't have a blocker, I'm used to seeing ads on most sites.
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  4. I think having ads is a great idea. The more cash flow the better.
  5. A little add isn't going to scare me away. Unless it has a creeper riding a velociraptor that can open doors on it...
  6. Haha this made me laugh
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  7. Put the adds on. It doesn't really matter no1 really notices it. (to bad for the company) I can't Imagine how you can make this server better it is already awesome!

  8. Marlboro Country?
  9. I loled so much!
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  10. I hate ads, but I can live with them as long as they help you running the servers.
  11. wait. this site has ads?
  12. It has an ad at the very bottom and the very bottom of the side bar right now, and it has for about a month. I take it you run some sort of adblocker haha
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  13. Think of all the extra money you will rake in to make the servers better! Great Idea Justin! I would be absolutely fine with the idea, I think we can all live with an ad or two.
  14. Why does the adds always have orange in it? XD just asking
  15. I forgot what ads are like. First thing I do is load ad blocker and then ad blocker data backup lol.

    I say add it. Then give me the url for the ad so I can white list it and click on it every so often (only cause it will prolly be blocked by default and I will never know >.>)
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  16. I assume that if we click on the ads and visit the sites occasionally it will generate a bit of extra money as well... right? That's typically how it works. LOL with our community we could probably generate some serious cash for EMC if we decided to have a day when we all went click-happy on the ads. :D
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  17. If we went click happy, they might suspend Justin's account for fraudulent clicks.

    If you think it would help, then I think you should add them. If people are bothered by it, they'll have an ad blocker.
  18. But they wouldn't be fraudulent clicks. :) They'd be real. I just signed up for some information on Brazilian Forestry investment. :D
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  19. Yeah, I know they'd be actual mouse clicks. I had google ads on a website once a while back, and they banned me from their ads because my sister decided to "help" me by clicking on lots of ads.
  20. Yes, in the case we do have the ad there (or even the ones we have now), it actually would be more harmful than helpful to click on things just to click. If you see something you genuinely want to click on, then go for it. Google Ads are getting fairly smart in tracking people now (good or bad depending on your view of that, lmao) to where they can present relevant ads to the user.
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