Poll: Small ad on top of site?

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Place an ad on the top right of the site for the extra cash?

Poll closed Mar 5, 2012.
Yes - I can live with having an ad 99 vote(s) 82.5%
No - Gross I don't want this 21 vote(s) 17.5%
  1. :) Haha, the nature of the beast... I am getting a lot of Western Union ads, as I send money to my wife with them...
  2. Lol I just got Ad Blocker I don't want to know I can get "40% interest on money loans to people in Jamaica"

    H ah No more Ads Just a Black area :D
  3. Nope its all by click, doesn't matter what you do after that... (at least for adsense it is this way).
  4. so if we click on the ad do you get more money? or does it hurt the emc?
  5. Whats are the cost for running a smp server?
  6. If you see an item that you are interested in, clicking it and checking it out helps the Empire. If you just click random ads Google is smart enough and figures this out, it doesn't help us, and could potentially get us in trouble (banned from the service).
  7. only one face can answer this... O_O
  8. I got a pokemon ad *success*:cool:
  9. what are you talking about? :confused:
  10. Well, idk how much you can moderate that. But it's getting annoying to see stuff like this: https://i.imgur.com/YpJX2.png , and the idea it's not to block adds from my pc, because if so why having adds? or why voting for yes?
  11. Or is someone stealing internet from my wifi and looking for that kind of stuff? hmmm.
  12. OOOLALA :) I wish I was presented with Latina women rather than Romanian/Rusian/Prouge girls who want Visas, I mean "Husbands"... :)
  13. xD
    yeah i forget to see the positive part of the things :p
  14. interesting ads, why am I getting ads for gold currency exchanges? Anyway, they aren't at all obtrusive, I'm happy for them to continue. Esp as I and so many others are using this site for free.
  15. Adblockplus on Firefox

  16. Not on my network.
  17. Google Chrome is better:p
  18. I just meant the AdblockPlus part, I dont want to have to completley destroy your logic and faith in google in this thread, so no fight :p
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