Poll: Small ad on top of site?

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Place an ad on the top right of the site for the extra cash?

Poll closed Mar 5, 2012.
Yes - I can live with having an ad 99 vote(s) 82.5%
No - Gross I don't want this 21 vote(s) 17.5%
  1. Hard to say can be hit and miss, it won't be thousands each month. Hoping for around $200

    lol nah, I dont want to get that crazy! Also Press "Ctrl +" it will zoom in, that is what I do :)
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  2. Thanks again for all the positive feedback everyone. I know I said the poll would be 3 days but it has been so overwhelming positive (85% yes) that I am just going to add the ad now. Plus I need something to do while waiting for new Bukkit builds :)
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  3. OMG Justin there is this horrible advertisement on the top of the site. Its so awful. I guess im just going to have to leave empire minecraft... j/k :p lol
  4. Ok Justin, take it down, we have Roblox and WoW ad's...
  5. The full body scan of online travel is the first thing I saw xD
  6. Cantre pacs advert is ok but it moves and its in the corner of my eye D: But $200 a month :/

    oh well most people find it ok :)
  7. i fully agree with gottsmote
  8. correct me if I'm wrong, but I think $200 would pay for at least another physical server, I don't know how many smp servers on each physical server, but I got the impression the first server holds smp1-4 and utopia. it's like 10 people subscribing to diamond. it's a pretty good amount and could really be benificial.
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  9. I meant :D Not :/ opps
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  10. Just make sure you don't add popups,they are annoying
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  11. ok im fine with ad's but the one that says gimp kinda makes me mad because gimp sometimes means handicaped.
  12. I am getting tax return and cell phone ads. - I have been trying to solve both of these issues the last few weeks...

    Only you are to blame for what Google presents you, not Justin.

    So, what Google is telling you is that you showed a keen interest in Roblox and WoW. ;)
    My suggestion, stop searching Roblox and WoW information. :D
  13. Its a bit of a mix, the first physical server does hold smp1-4 but that server is also over $700 a month, and it is designed more to be the master database server. At some point smp1-4 will come off and go on better physical servers more suited for single threaded Java (like smp5 and smp6). At the end of the day each game server costs about $250 a month to run. It would be cheaper if we ran them with less power or if we bought the hardware and didn't lease it, but neither of those options are really viable. For example we run the servers with redundant raid configurations and daily image backups.
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  14. I don't really know if it is just me, but I didn't even notice the add at the top until I read Justin's comment saying it had been put up. It seems almost as if they blend in somehow.
  15. I get bright blue adverts about Gold trading xD
  16. oh wow. i feel silly, i was basing my guess off memory i should have double checked and the site i was "remembering" i just checked and it's a little over 700$ a month for a similar server lol.

    that's really interesting learning more about the hardware setup, and also it costs a lot more to run emc than I thought!
  17. Haha I get orange and black adds about Oovoo, and a couple animated comic things about Google it self.
  18. :( I'm jelly Well good for you :)
  19. hah. so i turned off ad blocking for empire minecraft domain, and the first add i get is for and australian domain name selling company which I buy all my domain names from.
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  20. if i click on an ad, then buy something from the advertiser, do you guys get more cents than if i just clicked on an ad and it didn't convert to a sale?

    as far as that google tracking goes, it's a little creepy. I just followed the domain register site and registered a new domain for a project i'm working on, then immediately after i'm getting cloud hosting site advertisements.
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