Poll: Small ad on top of site?

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Place an ad on the top right of the site for the extra cash?

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Yes - I can live with having an ad 99 vote(s) 82.5%
No - Gross I don't want this 21 vote(s) 17.5%
  1. I still think my ad idea was a good one...
  2. I Don't like the idea about it being near the middle of it if it was in the light grey area on the left at the top than I'm ok :)

    Then again the more $ The better the servers get :)
  3. It would definitely make the site look uglier, but nothing that is unbearable.
  4. If you're using Google AdSense, they can put up some pretty crap and random adverts.

    What's your impressions per month for EMC?

    You're perhaps better off knocking together a Rates Card and contacting relevant companies to offer them the space. If it gets serious, DoubleClick for Publishers (You'd want DC for Small Business) is what we use on a few side projects I'm involved in that have both AdSense and contracted advertising.

    Either way, go for it!

    Though yes, people just clicking or using programs to spam the link to death will get you removed from the AdSense program.
  5. I personally don't want an add on the top of the beautiful EMC site but i'm happy just as long as you don't add those pop up adds that are in your face! They really anoy me but a few extra dollars for the EMC is always great! :D
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  6. I would be fine with this, I have an ad-blocker but it's deactivated on EMC. Just aslong as it's not a moving advert, As those are distracting and cause lag.
  7. With admins philosophy on legitimacy in the game, I would be greatly saddened if they didn't vehemently condemn this strictly on ethical grounds.
  8. I am using DFP currently, but it is just filled with aDsense. We have about 70,000 unique vistors and close to a million impressions monthly.
  9. Absolutely. I appreciate people want to click ads to help the server, but it actually hurts us.
  10. Ok. But I want stock options when that time comes.
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  11. It's fine. As long as it's not those big flashy advertisements and "legit" ones it's acceptable IMO. Advertisement is a great way to maintain this server and so far I've been enjoying :D
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  12. Yeah it would only be AdSense or other manually approved advertising. No sound ads, popups, flashing, download spyware, etc.
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  13. Oh that's good. Last thing I want to hear and see is "Congratulations, you won!" with flashing colors and whatnots. Those are annoying. :D
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  14. I could not agree more. Even more annoying is random requests to download something.exe
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  15. Its these ads that forced me to an ad blocker
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  16. I can't BELIEVE the grief I'm catching over this comment about clicking the ads! I simply asked the question wondering if lots of us clicked on the ads, would the site earn money from it? I then proceeded to answer the question on my own with my assumption that because there are so many people on EMC, the site could probably earn money if lots of people clicked the ads. I NEVER said that we should all spam-click the ads, and I never intended to do it myself either. I feel that this was taken out of context and far too seriously. :oops:

    Perhaps I worded my post incorrectly... if I somehow managed to cross an ethical boundary with some of you, I apologize - that was never my intent. These ads are intended to be clicked, aren’t they? When I see one I’m interested in, I click on it. If they are intended to serve as decorative placards which only serve to invoke epileptic episodes, then maybe I’m doing it wrong… and if clicking them will hurt the site, then maybe I am against having more on the site after all. :confused:
  17. So long as an advertisement is pertinent (related to Minecraft in this case), and not remotely trashy, there's really nothing wrong with it.

    That dirty feeling we get about ads is just because we've seen too many people having no standards for what kind of rubbish they put on thier website for money. There's really nothing wrong with advertising if it's done well though (we don't see a lot of that in mainstream advertising however).

    I think you'll be able to select some tasteful, pertinent, and respectfully concieved of ads for the site Justin.

    And so with confidence in your ability to do so, my vote on this is yes.
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  18. Unfortunately when using AdSense, ads do have to go through a Google approval process, but we dont pick them. And I also can set rating restrictions. I can also block individual advertisers when something comes up we don't like. The ads that Google shows with AdSense are not the same for everyone, they are tailored based on your search activity and things you have shown interest in. For example I see almost all ads regarding servers and hosting services. Someone who only browses gaming stuff will see a lot of gaming ads. Someone who uses dating websites will see a lot of those. If you look on the bottom of the site right now you will see what I mean.

    Picking individual advertisers and marketing the space to potential advertisers is a full time job. Of course I will always do my best to ensure we are keeping up our taste and quality.
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  19. I completely understand what you were saying. Jeremy and I just reacted strongly to make sure no one took it the wrong way and got us in trouble. You are absolutely right, if an ad is something interesting to you, clicking it does help the EMC community :)
  20. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Google AdSense program, although it creeps me out that they have a direct line to my brain.. :) However, because of the advertisement at the bottom, I found out about the new Google Chrome laptops and I broke down and bought a Kindle through an advertisement on EMC.
    I say go for it. Those who feel bothered by it have the option to implement control measures to block the advertisements completely if they so choose.

    I like the proposed display location as well, it will call more attention to the advertisements for those who wish to see them. :)
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