Poll: Small ad on top of site?

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Place an ad on the top right of the site for the extra cash?

Poll closed Mar 5, 2012.
Yes - I can live with having an ad 99 vote(s) 82.5%
No - Gross I don't want this 21 vote(s) 17.5%
  1. Chrome...
  2. i assume we can agree that IE[insert number] is worse?:)
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  4. Ok here goes the browsers:
    Opera: So-so not great not bad either
    IE: Horrible Microsoft should not even update it
    Chrome: So good that government officials use it as an official web browser
    FireFox: Amazing, not all the time, websites load rather slowly sometimes. Better than any browser if it comes to compatibility and add-ons.
    Safari: I don't have a Mac.
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  5. my parents use Firefox on the other user, and it is a resource pig!:eek: