Poll: Small ad on top of site?

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Place an ad on the top right of the site for the extra cash?

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Yes - I can live with having an ad 99 vote(s) 82.5%
No - Gross I don't want this 21 vote(s) 17.5%
  1. Did you a color Kindle or the black and white one with the eink screen? I have a normal black and white one and love that thing.
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  2. I got their cheapest one... The $79 ad-laced "screensaver" version. ;) Free overnight shipping, because I am so close to the distributor, although I chose free 2-day with my Prime membership. Should be here within the hour, I hope.. UPS says NLT 1630 EST.. Hoping to get it soon. I have already downloaded about 30 books... :D I love Amazon pricing at $0.99 for Kindle Books on some stuff.
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  3. Apparently google currently thinks I really want to own my own 7-eleven franchise. I mean sure, I'm in management for a convenience store, but I don't want to OWN one! XD
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  4. As long as it has something to do with anything related to gaming, which is what EMC is, i'm fine with it. If it's something like groupon I won't like it. But it's OK, I guess. Besides, that space on the top of the screen is very bland!
  5. Nice, it is like the greatest thing ever.
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  6. Exactly.
  7. Almost every really classic book is considered 'public domain' and is there for free :D I have like 40 books on my kindle and haven't spent a cent on a book yet
  8. I bought Love Bomb and the Pink Platoon for 99ยข. I have to say, very well written and believable story.
    If you are homophobic, this book is not for you. It isn't graphic, but it discusses homosexuality from both viewpoints but only about males.
    The plot of the book is based on the United States Army doing secret testing of a "Gay Bomb" on 7 useless soldiers; 6 Privates and an alcoholic, washed up General.
    Again, not for the homophobic or squeamish but definitely a great read if you have an open mind and are into self published titles. :)
  9. Lololol. I laugh at the word 'Homophobic' becuase if you ARE infact 'homophobic' you have no need to worry =P And about this add thing! I thought you were talking about things like the annoying WoW ads, or Evony ads that move and flash and are bright and flashy. The current ads at the bottom ar just some friendly looking text :) What you COULD do is run ads all over the sight for a month, than go a month of [ads on the bottom] ^.^ It would be sorta like, taking turns cleaning the kitty litter. Wait. No it wouldn't
  10. What is it your are trying to say exactly? I can not make sense of this statement. [perplexed]
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  11. So, if your the 'homophobic' type, your probably a complete and total jerk. There's nothing different about gays, except they like guys rather than girls, and vise versa. Gay guys like other guys that they can relate to. most homophobes are scared that some guy is gonna hit on them, which cant be true! They were never a target :)
  12. I understand now. :) [/perplexed] [/off topic discussion]
  13. I think this is a funny thread anyhow :D 90% of the empire is extremely devoted, and wouldn't care if justin were to make the whole site the snottiest color of green. anything that helps the community is A-OK!
  14. Hmm, that's a good point. I guess it's not really our opinions that matter as much as the prospective player who gets his initial impression of EMC from the website.
  15. as long as it isn't one of those ads that scroll across your screen or pop over your your screen when you enter the website then I am 1000% fine with it :)
  16. i clicked the wrong 1 D: ads would be fine as long as they dont take over the sight :D
  17. Yea go add !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. You should put like an ad on each side of the website too, like this empty space ---------->
    and this one
  19. Justin, before I cast my vote, I must know how much added money this would actually bring into the server per month. Is it actually going to be beneficial (financially) to have these adds?
  20. Seeing as this is a free to play game... I don't see how even a few dollars a month would be anything but beneficial. I know personally Google does a good job of giving me adds in gmail that I actually want to click. And with the number of people actually on the forums and playing the game, I can't imagine you'd not make at least a few bucks a month.