[Poll/Comment Thread] Are you excited about school?

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Are you excited about school?

YES!!!!! 6 vote(s) 21.4%
YEAHHHH 22 vote(s) 78.6%
  1. Hey EMC'ians! Yes, I know it is very early, but I wanted to post a thread about a question. This question is probably a very hard discussion for you all. Are you excited ABOUT SCHOOL? You can answer in the poll, and explain your reason in the comments. I know I'm excited because new year, new friends, new grade, ETC.
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  2. Edit: For poll 'YEAHHH' means no.
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  3. why is this??
  4. I don't think this applies to me because I never stopped when Spring ended; jumped right into two more classes for this summer.

    Fall will be fun. 3 classes, major research thesis for the degree is due as well. Oh, did I mention I'm estimating 18-20 textbooks at the moment for those three classes?

    It's gonna be fun! :)
  5. Sounds amazing!! I'm actually going ahead of my pears, and learning the 12th grade math book :)
  6. lol it's not even ended yet.

    But kinda, because I could now (mostly) choose which subjects I get, and leaving out some subjects I'd rather not have. :D
  7. I still have nightmares about school... in the form of about 25k in student loan debt.
  8. Well, no, not really, I'm honestly looking forward to the break :p
    I mean, school is nice and all, but I'm getting quite fed up of concentrating on stuff I might not want to concentrate on at the moment, and I really want to get more time for my own stuff, like playing piano, composing music, programming, doing YouTube, developing my paper games, meeting up with friends, et cetera!
  9. School hasn't finished yet for me (2 weeks left) and I ain't happy that I have to go back to school in 7 weeks once summer actually starts. :rolleyes:
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  10. wat
  11. In Canada summer started this Wednesday for where I live. I think I'll be fine for a few months...
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  12. summer just started and you're talking about school already? :eek:
  13. Last time I visited a school was... hmm... 39 years ago? :D

    Even so I am happy about the school starting, now I get to visit some of my friends during the day without having those little rascals running about. Now, the kids aren't really that much of a problem, but I do sometimes grow tired of the "kids talk" happening afterwards, especially when I visit friends together with my gf. You know: "Oh, why don't you have kids? It's awesome! I don't understand why you guys wouldn't want this.." , etc, etc :p
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  14. America?
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  15. I have no problems with school tbh!

    I like what Im doing atm, security :)
    If I have finished Security, its time to work for like 6 months.

    and then its time for the next education! Moving my way to the police! :D

    So yeah, im pretty excited about school! But now.. time to enjoy my summer!
  16. England we have free free free studant loan which u only pay back I you earn over 25,000 a year
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  17. I still have three days left.
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  18. You have two months of summer break? Wow, that's a lot, interesting. Is that true for every school in the USA?
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  19. I've still got four weeks left
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