Playing around with EMC Logo

Discussion in 'Artists' Gallery' started by zer0skills, Sep 25, 2015.

  1. Just had some time off from work and decided to play around with EMC logo.

    I used Catacacalysm winning contest photo just to see what happens.
    (Sorry bro, haven't installed cinema4d and no time to render, and don't plan to render any mc rigs soon :p) Great renders btw!

    I wonder what it'll look like if we place a render of steve w/ a crown? ;)

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  2. I see you used my renders. You made them look pretty nice with that lighting :p

    Anyways, I'd love to see Aikar use that logo instead of the current one. Not that the current one is bad. I just feel that this one is more cheery
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  3. Nice job, I need to start getting more into 4D so I don't have to go to Cat every time I need skins in my projects.
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  4. I honestly feel like it fits with the whole theme EMC has going for it, too. It'd also be a nice little breath of fresh air :p
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  5. You have really good renders Catacacalysm (wew, that was hard to pronounce, i bet you're a WoW player too?)

    If you wanna play around and if you have time, wanna try out a generic render of a steve or whatever player you think that would be an EMC mascot, we could tag team and see what we can come up with. It's fun to share :)
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  6. Or a steve w/ banners behind, holding up two swords in the air, like a some roman leading an empire. :D just some wild thoughts.
  7. I made a typo in my name sadly. And no I'm not a WoW player :p

    That'd be nice to see. I actually might do that :D
  8. Nah, it should be a redcoat.

    We all know who the second-best Empire ever was ;)
  9. I do like these renditions, very nice. I'm not sure that I'd be able to get used to one of these as the new logo though, I'm very used to the current one... :p
  10. I'm fine with you asking me to make renders. It gives me an excuse to actually go and create something :p
  11. I think getting used to a new logo is like getting used to having a new IGN. Like, you get used to it later on. But I do understand where you're coming from
  12. I'd never change my IGN :p Well, alts yes, but I got used to those easily...
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  13. I have never been so amazed at the Empire Logo. Similar to somebody above, I do think this is the perfect representation of EMC and it really does deserve to replace the current logo.

    No disrespect towards the current logo intended.
  14. Though if it was to be the current logo, it'd be nice to have the background lighter instead of dark and dull as it currently is.

    Logo by zer0skills
    Render by Catacacalysm
    Design by Erektus
  16. It's nice but I feel like it leaves out a large part of the community :/

    EDIT: After looking at this for a longer time, all you really did was add items from google images. I apologize in advance if this came out offensive
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  17. Want to remake the render with another 300,000 people in it?
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  18. A penguin, FDNY21, a person, another guy, ShelLuser, a girl, and Sarah Jessica Parker

    Did I nail them all?
  19. PenguinDJ, FDNY21, CoryLovesYou, CadenMann, ShelLuzer, BlinkyBinky, and Sarah Jessica Parker.
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  20. It's not that. It's just the fact that you call it a community background when it contains 6 people
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