Official EMC Show Yourself Thread (2021 Edition)

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  1. The dichotomy between this picture and the bearded Minecraft skin on your profile is so great 😩

    But hey I remember you! I wished you a happy birthday back in 2013 lmao. Hope we see you around more again and thanks for blessing the thread :)
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  2. I do remember you too!! It’s great to hear from you
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  3. Just enjoying some wake surfing! :D
  4. Picture of me at Tahquamenon Falls! Beautiful location.

    The bottom picture is an up close of the waterfall on the right in the top picture. You basically have to walk a little while over to it.
  5. Used to be known as Lusarsa, Zuljin or Rhalador but I lost acess to those accounts. So, I came back with a new account and headed straight to EMC. So much has seemed to change while I was gone, Minecraft almost feels like a new game, but It's good to be back and revisiting many places.o.(o)

    Edit: Added my cat Jane and I, pretty much my whole world haha
    shes a bit shooketh :love: :<3::love: :<3:

    oh, and that's me watching the news o.(o)

  6. Welcome back, and great picture!! :D
    Did you mean to post two pictures? I see a broken image tag.
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  7. It was a picture of my cat and I, guess I did it wrong hah
    But thank you!
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  8. Heres me - GingarPup

  9. Here's me (First image)-W1therSkelet0n:
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  10. Nice
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