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  1. Well here i am, tell you guys that i hate jeb and hate 1.8...
    i really want notch back and his idea's, jebs 1.8 really makeing be pissed...i really hope it doesnt happen.
    some stuff that might piss you off too:
    NO more iron farms
    NO more gold farms
    NO more infinite villagers
    NO more old enchantment tables (now you how to have 30levels but only use up 3 of them and 3 lapiz,but you MUST enchant in the table once you opened it or it wont refresh)

    i have iron and gold farms that i wasted time/supplies and money on...atleast 800k on my gold farm, and having no gold for that 800k just pisses me off, also the time i spend on my iron farm pisses me off not to be able to get anything but rose's -,-

    please write #NotchBack below if your with me on this!
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  2. Just deal with it, find a way to repurpose what you have, and just live on. So what things are being changed? You are overlooking possibly the greatest thing in minecraft to this day, an overlay on all parts of the skin! Its going to be fantastic, the skin making and such, oh I can't wait!
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  3. Screw 1.8!!!
    1.8 The update that ruined Minecraft.
    Is jebs idea to turn minecraft into More of a multiplayer based game?or just ruin the hell out of it?
  4. Iron Farms = Bad

    Gold Farms = Bad
    Infinite Villagers = Okay
    Old Enchantment Table = Bad
    Jeb = Okay
    Notch = Okay

    This isn't really even Mojang's fault. Iron and Golem farms are considered exploits. Of course they're going to patch it someday.
  5. good think-1 (skin change)
    bad thing-5+(no more farms,econmy goes down the trash)
  6. I'd much rather prefer people to talk to at the computer, than just standing there, afk, for hours, on end, forever, gathering iron and gold and such, indefinitely
  7. Iron and Gold farms still work, but you have to manually kill them.
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  8. This.
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  9. entc fills up, and im sure no one wants to piss off a zombie pigman.
    you can always get an alt or redstone gen for unloading chunks
  10. Best update?!?!? what since when this was a good update? Let me give you a simple overview.

    Enchantments: basically ruined. Mojang said they wanted to make the game "harder" that's why the food bar, Zombies and skeletons were buffed. Making enchantment THAT EASY isn't going to help Sharpness 5 Enchantments will be obtainable which will make them FALL in price on servers. you could basically one shop every mob with this. Plain stupid

    Iron Farm/gold farm Nerf: People Have Spent Hundreds of HOURS making iron farms and gold farm and jeb comes in and thinks "Lets just nerf them". People Put TIME and EFFORT Into these and all that time and effort need an reward, well guess not now. If someone built this in survival They are most likely to quit for good because of the amount of time down the drain.

    Villager Breeding: Ok this is dumb, so dumb, you have to trade with then to make them breed? that's the dumbest idea in a long time.
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  11. Who would spend HEAPS of time killing golems? the will be able to hit you too don't forget.
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  12. Well.
    I really am starting to care less about it now.
    Infinite Villagers may be good,
    but when they are no longer able to be made,
    emerald prices will go up again, which I think needs to happen, cuz sooner or later, sugarcane will be worth more than emeralds... ;3

    Now, Iron Farms and Gold Farms...
    Well, I saw a fix to the gold farm so meh,
    but the iron farms, well I think it'd be cool to do mass mining rather than sit afk for free money pretty much.

    The old enchant system was actually pretty stupid. 30 levels for a CHANCE at something good, but likely something bad. The new one shows at least some of it, but will likely be updated more as 1.8 gets closer.

    Now, Jeb might not be thinking about multiplayer that much any more, but just remember things he has accomplished. IE Redstone Update, Horse Update (which was pretty small lol) The Biome Update and this upcoming one.

    I think the good things out weigh the bad.

    So, yes while it might be good to have notch back, Jeb is still doing a fantastic job.
  13. You guys wine so much, I swear. Yes iron farms are being nerfed. Yes gold farms are being nerfed.

    So what? Now you actually have to do something other than AFK to get huge amounts of resources? Cry me a river.
  14. Quote isn't working.
    Darksuperlord said: I'd much rather prefer people to talk to at the computer, than just standing there, afk, for hours, on end, forever, gathering iron and gold and such, indefinitely

    Ok so mob grinders are an exploit too are they? Its been apart of the game for a god awful amount of time. it would make sense if they would fix it in 1.2.5 :/
  15. Sorry for double post just saw this.
    Splash potions hello?
    Ever heard about them?
    Gawd, it could be one hit and they are dead...
    Just like blazes :D
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  16. iron would go to like 8-10r
    gold would go to 20-30r
    emerald would go to 40-60r
    and players with dc's of blocks on tho's items willg et even more out of all of this
    so in a way it screws the econmy and players who save up screw it even more...not that the update is useless it does have some COOL new blocks, but why do this crap to piss off players? i mean im in 100% for no more infinite villagers 1.8 made it super easy to stillg et emerald but gold and iron farms :/
  17. No, but iron farms are, let me see if I can find a link to something posted by a fellow EMCian on Atlassian almost a year and a half ago https://mojang.atlassian.net/browse/MC-3137
  18. not my point, i spend over 1million rupees on ALL my farms (not each but all) so how do i get that money back? it dont pop up onfront of me after 1.8 does it? NO!
  19. potions will sky rocket too in this case, also why would you waste them?You would need 8dc's at the LEAST a day for a iron farm...
  20. But still, you'd get a lot more profit the traditional way. Right now, it's not worth it to go and get your own iron and gold to sell, you'd lose profit. So, in all more people would benefit, especially after the update when emerald prices rocket.
    As to your question, they aren't doing this 'crap' to piss people off, just change the game, which IMO should happen.

    And for the title of this thread:
    #NotchBack #NoThanks
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