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  1. I am not trying to be rude or offend anyone but i have noticed that there are a lot of people joining and thne thye ask questions that were in the quiz when you join and i have also noticed that more people are getting kicked and banned. Has anyone else noticed this or is it just smp1.
  2. I've noticed newer player's in smp7. I fairly new here myself but it's ridiculousness to see people who joined around the same time I did ask really dumb questions. The tutorial is a noobs friend, I know from experience.
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  3. Ya on smp1 people come fresh out of the tourtial and ask how do i claim a res and i just facepalm.
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  4. Not even just the tutorial.. EMC has a plethora of knowledge bases for the new user to use. We have a great guide, helpful staff, helpful players, and forum community that is just bangin' with information. Find another community that can answer as many questions before you can ask them, and I will give you... praise. However, you have to put a little effort into finding the information. Which, apparently, is just a little much to ask of some.
  5. That or begging for rupees...or donate to the my shop so it can become to biggest one on smp#. those kinda of things
  6. yea I noticed "noobs" on smp4 and they had come through the tutorial with and as soon as they got they were temp-banned for spam (Which basically says they cheated and followed someone awesome who actually looked on the website for help 'cough' 'cough' me 'cough' 'cough' :D )
  7. I hate it when people beg for money like on smp7 if someone says offhandedly "oh darn I need 25r " I will send them 50 r (I am like that :p) but if you PM me over and over and then go and start spamming the chat your DEFINETLY not gonna get any money frome me or most likely anyone else.
  8. I'm not bashing the severs, saying they have a lack of information, or that EMC isn't a great community. I love this server, and EMC has the most easily accessible info about their server PLUS the best community I've seen yet. All I'm saying is that I think it's dumb that newer people to the server are asking basic questions that are answered in the tutorial, even more ridiculous is when they ask those questions fresh out of the tutorial.
  9. I wasnt griping friend :p i was agreeing with you. I was just simply stating that there were many avenues of information available, sorry if I came off as hostile... I will add more smileys this time. :) :) :) :D :D :D
  10. Lol no need. My mistake. But I'll return the smileys in kind, or at least this rockin' one with a mustacheo! :{D
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  11. Agreed. When I joined, I made it a point to read the guide. I actually quizzed myself on some of the stuff, because I didn't want to bother or annoy any people. I HATE being bothersome. I just wish that others felt this way and actually cared to take the time and read for several minutes.
  12. i know right, I will give some 50r or 100r, if I'm in a giving mood. but a Player today gave someone 10r and he/she said thank you ;) then sec later the beggar ask for 500r <---SMDH lol.
  13. I hate it when people will just spam Diamond Supporters begging for money. They assume that our shops are more auccessful than anyone else's, when the richest guy on smp2 is an iron supporter.
  14. Yeah I went over this as well after I saw the topic about the list changed from server 1 being down at the bottom now.

    From other topic:

    "I thought that might have been the case. I kinda don't like it a bit cause then I have to move my cursor down a bit and im not used to it being down there (not a major thing) and I kinda like it in way.

    Cause of the fact that the past few weeks before it was flipped I kept seeing "*********** has joined the empire" like every 15 minutes to an hour and I was like.. great.. more people who probably haven't read the guide and are almost certainly going to ask stuff like "where do I find an open res?" "how do I claim a res?" "how do I teleport to someone's res?" "how do I get ******* or ********" "how do I get to wild?" "how do you craft ****** or *******" "I NEED HELP!!!" "I don't know how to ******!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "I need a job!!!!!!!!!!!" "Is there an Admin on?" "Who are the Admins?" "Why are some players colored differently?" "can you get hurt in town?" "How do I get to the shop?" "how do I access live map?" "how do I see how much money I have?" "How do I get a daily money?" "how do I make a shop?" "how do I see how long a player has been on?" "how do I access flags on my res?" "(repeat's one or a few of the previously stated statements a couple times at least)".

    And when I was in town when some of those people joined for the first time.. I almost always heard at least a few of those questions and the first thing I thought (which I usually do when I hear questions like that even from members who are sometimes supporters) is well you obviously didn't look at or read or just skimmed the empire guide. and 2. Why are you joining server 1? I thought new players were told they should join "insert new server number(s) here:" when they first go to the site?"

    But yeah whenever I see someone ask any of those questions I mentioned up there. I tend to say stuff like "go re-read the empire guide on the website" or something like that.

    And instead of letting the "noobs" go do a little work to find the answer, regular players answer the question in chat. Which kinda defeats the purpose of having the people actually do the work to read how to do stuff. So then they just will ask more questions that are in the guide and more and more flooding the chat with questions that have already been answered A LONG time ago.

    I just don't like it when other regular players tend to enable new players to be lazy.
  15. lol I can top that!

    A month after I joined the empire on SMP1 I saw a diamond supporter asking for money at times. I was like "COME ON! you get more money automatically each day." or something along those lines.

    He then stated "well I already spent all mine, I need to buy some other stuff."

    To which I replied. Well to bad you wasted your money on other stuff and didn't think before you bought. Now you can just wait till tomorrow to buy instead of bugging everyone for money. He was even asking regular players for money like me.

    I think he disliked me cause I kept telling him off and other people realized they shouldn't be giving money to someone who gets plenty of it everyday.
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  16. Hmm most of the time i answer the question people ask on the chat line, Its no big deal. I'm mainly talking about beggars or Spamming the Chat line Saying "HELP HELP I'M LOW ON RUPEES, AND I NEED MORE RUPEES HELP HELP! PLEASE SEND ME SOME PLEASE PLEASE"
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  17. Well its usually a big deal to me cause I see people ask the same questions (ones I said right up there ^) pretty much everytime im on the server. Its not really fun when you hear pretty much the same questions everyday.
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  18. The reason for the increase is simple. There are more members. Its the same with most online games. More people = more uninformed players and cheaters.
  19. And it doesnt matter if you are supporter, im gold and someone who doesnt even support as over 100k he hgas something around 110k and im like "WHat a legend..."
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  20. i d
    o the same and if someone randomley sends me say 100 ill send 150r back :)