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  1. good point... well i wasnt there because i read the guide before joining!
    call me... goody square shoes...
  2. the guide is the bible of the empire severs
  3. Exactly. Everyone SHOULD read it. This thread is for the people who don't.
  4. or if they need help just look at your signature secret :D
  5. whaaaaa??????? there is a signature secret?!??!??!??!?!?
    ignore this idiot...
  6. I meant signature, secret
  7. yeah i got that ;lol :D
  8. Try advertising in smp8 for something and u will b able to define the term " noob "
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  9. i hate noobs, one day i go on and then someone keeps asking if i want to be their friends.( other words they want ruppees from me) i ignore them and i look on my brothers computer and hes asking where i am. noobs very annoying.
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  10. remeber that we were once noobs (well noobs that read the guide)
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  11. i don't have problem with "noobs" asking about how to do things like how visit other res's. I get annoyed with beggars and people who want a charity shop cause they just started. Starting a shop from the beginning is fun cause you get to meet new people and figure out what to sell and what not to sell , also if you are going a shop that buys/sells to the community.
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  12. lol I already stated that earlier but yeah its kinda stupid. And then people act like im rude or something when I act the way I do around people who ask questions like that.

    Nowadays I kinda just ignore most people cause im tired of hearing their questions. Like ones at my res who some ask where my shop is. Hmm the only actual building that has chests in it and signs stating items... could that be it? NAH! he must have it hidden somewhere where no one can get to cause he obviously doesn't' want to get any business. :S
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  13. The only time I tend to have an issue with 'noobs' is when they feel that because you have more money than they do that you should give some to them. Or when they ask if they can have your gear as they need it more. Basically just begging me for things bothers me to no end. If I see someone that needs help with something I will try to help them get the stuff on their own, but I will not give them anything that I have spent a great deal of time or rupees on. It just encourages them to beg for things like a bum and not go out and gather the stuff for themselves.
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  14. I actually CLOSED my shop in protest for everyone (I'm NOT saying you. some people actually have nice shops with good prices) literally SPAMMING the chat with shop signs, or people begging for rupees, or asking for random stuff, or saying (i literally heard this) "No come to my shop, its wayyyy cheaper and his sucks!" Nowadays I just turn the chat off because of this :/
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  15. lol well recently I haven't had my shop open all that much except a few times when I have been on for a little while. I know a few players are probably wanting to buy some of my stuff which it stinks im not on as much lately (cause of summer job and such) but its nice to take a break from minecraft every now and then.

    Even though one of the good things about minecraft that iv seen is that things keep changing (new updates coming out every few months which adds new things and all that). Which keeps the game from getting to boring at times. I can't be playing it all the time every time I get, cause ill get burnt out on it like all my other games for PC/PS3/Wii.

    Those games you play through it once and you know what your in for your second time which gets repetitive after a while even on multiplayer parts of those games.

    But yeah back on topic im sorry to those who want to buy from me but hey at least it gives other shops a chance to sell some stuff that I have instead of making me constantly restock items and get tired of all the whiners asking questions they should already know the answer to or can easily find the answer to by looking around a bit.

    If I didn't have my summer job now id probably be on a bit more and just get more tired of all the people constantly asking the same questions.