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  1. Oo I'm good on rupees, me and murrgetter shop is doing well right now and why logs are so cheap on smp5, most shops on 5 sell them 40-45r per stack
    Also answer people who ask how to make rupees= I say open a shop, find something that is a need not want, and Hard Work
  2. hard work? whats that?:p
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  3. I have no idea i think its a illness:confused: of the sort
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  4. I feel like answering questions and helping new players get established is part of being in the community. New players come on, don't have a clue and I don't think it's out of line for people to ask questions. I did. Even after going through the maze, looking at the guide, I still had some questions. I felt a little intimidated by the whole experience. Empire was my 1st venture onto a social or multiplayer server, so I didn't have a clue what I was doing. So I asked, and my questions were answered. I can understand where new players are coming from so I try to help them best I can.

    If I'm on when a new person is asking questions, I'll usually answer them. Now if they start asking me the same things over and over, I'll refer them back to the guide and if they ask after that, I'll just ignore them because I've done all I can do.
    I have had a few newer people decide to come visit me at my residence and decide to start trying to either break things off my house or get in my chests and then question why they can't. That's just rude :D

    One thing I don't appreciate is newer (or older players for that matter) who seem to think that because I'm a diamond supporter, I would really like to buy them stuff or give them stuff. I've had new (and old) members literally beg me for rupees and when I tell them I'm broke at that time they accuse me of lying and say that because I'm a supporter I can afford to share the wealth. Um, I get rupees and sometimes I'm building or just bought something...I might not have any because I don't just horde them.

    Don't get me wrong, I have no issue giving things away, I donate a ton of things from weapons & armor to building supplies to players both new and old. I do that because people did it for me when I first joined, so it's the least that I can do. But my kindness does have a point. I pay my money to be a diamond supporter so I can get my rupees, so I can use TNT (cause I do sometimes have the urge to blow stuff up) and so I can help Empire continue to grow. I love it here and will do anything I can to help it become the best community it can be. I don't mind helping my fellow Empire citizens out.

    It's called ETIQUETTE...New or old, everyone needs to use it. Ask your questions, ask for help but do it in the right way. Don't beg, don't break, don't be annoying, listen, remember your please & thank you and we can all get along. :cool:
  5. lol, i am pretty sure you just summed it all up in those couple lines. that. indeed, is why i always, always, always have my chat off. ^.^
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  7. Such language in a high-class establishment like this!
  8. Yeah, I know :D I made it an extra point to read through the tutorial as I was doing it, and check back later. Because as soon as I came out:
    Dude 1: "How do I claim a res?"
    Dude 2? "Read the guide!"
    Dude 1: "What guide?"
    Me: *facepalm*
    I will only lend my friends money, because I have plenty that I don't need. But spammers just won't get any off me unless they trade an item for it.
  9. Not sure if your post was including mine but, I really didn't mean mine to sound like I was ready to "take up my torch and pitchfork". Sorry if that's what it seemed like.:(
  10. haha i know what you mean only lead money to friends/family. Someone ask me other day in private for 3k to buy a enchantment pick, and i will pay you back. my reaction -_- <(....)
  11. I'm newish to this server but it still erks me when people ask all of the stupid questions like how to claim a res! or where is the wilderness! or the weirdest of all is when they ask how to buy stuff after I tell them 3 times...

    also I hate beggars they ask me to give them stuff all the time! one guy got kicked (I forget his name) for asking me so much:D
  12. Like what DeJaJa said, I tend to answer the not-so-obvious questions, like "How do you use TNT on your res?" because it isn't technically in the guide, and I excuse people for not reading every single forum thread. Now, if someone comes on and asks "how do I claim a res?" I'll say "click here ---->". 2 minutes later, they'll proceed to rage about it because no one answered their question. Some people are just so lazy that they won't even click a link. And if someone ASKS me for rupees, then I'll say "If you need rupees, just go mining and sell some stuff. I am not the source of all charity." (or something along those lines, anyway.) If a new user joins and responds to our welcomes, then makes his way from spawn to my res, I'll welcome him again. If it becomes clear that they have read the guide, then I'll give a little donation. And sometimes I'll donate just because I'm feeling generous, of if I like a res or project.
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  13. hack/mine is legit... I played around a little.. would like to do a little let's play with it.. but i have not convinced myself the best way to go about it yet.
  14. I came before there WAS a tutorial, or any other servers besides smp1, so I've dealt with more noobs than you can count. The chat is always spammed, I mean SPAMMED with shop numbers. And speaking of shops, someone asked me if my shop made 1,000r a day, which used to be UNHEARD of back when it was play.empire. Some guy even said that my prices, that I hadn't updated for some time (they used to be freakin cheap when I made them), were extremely expensive. I'm not getting hostile to any new players or anyone, but here's three things that EVERYONE should start doing:
    1. Lay off of the shop numbers and have a nice conversation about your day or something in chat.
    2. Stop griefing random crap in the wild and respect it. You wouldnt go out into the real world and chop every single tree in a forest and flood some guys house and completely destroy everything in sight, would you?
    3. Actually USE the tutorial or the guide if you really really need help.

    Give me your thoughts in a reply.
  15. Sorry to add this but also, it's a matter of fact that players also like (better yet, love) asking for donations, rupees and more...
    The chat it's getting flooded with such requests from players who's only 'hard' work it's writing "please donate to me" or something like that.
    I believe such requests should be moderated and there should be like a real punishment for people that all the time asks for donations.
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  16. Begging for rupees is already prohibited in town chat. The only problem is that if I had to say that every time someone asked for rupees, it would be spam. I just do it every other minute or so.
    EDIT: Maybe they should do a broadcast so people know...
  17. hmmm yea asking for donations on the chat line is kinda annoying, i like how some shops have donations chest "1 dirt=100r". The player has a choice to give them Rupees or not depending if you like their shops style and the person running it but for me donation chests are kinda bad cause if some likes my shop or project I'm doing at the moment i would rather them buy from the shop and get something out of it than waste money lol.
    but thats just me i guess,
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  18. You'd think the older servers would have more experienced players but they are even noobier. (SMP3)
  19. I came to EMC after playing Minecraft quite a bit at home so I already knew the basics, but my first few days learning chat and the other server commands was a bit intimidating.

    Some people just can't handle flipping back and forth between a game and a webpage. Either their hardware can't handle it well, or they can't be bothered. In the time it takes to beg for money, you could probably be out mining or crafting something to sell. You can usually tell the difference between someone who doesn't understand something or is overwhelmed and someone who's just plain being lazy.

    This kind of backfired on me the other night when a new user came on and didn't even seem to understand how to craft planks. He was asking to buy them in my store and trying to pay with dirt blocks. I tried "teaching him to fish" by giving him a few saplings, some sticks and cobblestone for and axe, and was explaining how to craft the axe and planks, when he cut me off and said he just wanted to buy them with his starter rupees. I thought, "Fine dude, you're on your own.". I've since been watching him grow. His adventures have included buying glass to build a fish tank then trying to put fish in it. Then there were the disappearing squid he bought. Last night it was shearing sheep and learning how to color them. Before we know it, he'll be building redstone doors and pixel art sculptures from wool like the best of us.

    I refuse to be a human wiki page, but if someone sincerely asks for help and I have time, I actually enjoy helping. I've only been a member of EMC for a little over a month and have met several people this way. In most cases the people I've helped are grateful and I think it makes things more pleasant. The alternative is people begging in chat for help with others lol'ing at them for being ignorant or suggesting they read the guide on their own.

    We've all been there.