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  1. first off a must say that you are the first person that i have ever seen on the forum that is 10 days or older than me besides justinguy. :D

    now what i absoulutely HATE is when people use mods. a few weeks ago when smp8 just opened to the public, i saw a 1 day old noob using flymod on my arches! (i have half-circles on my lot, i did indeed break minecraft.) there is only 1 way up, and that is through parkour. its not very hard, but only 1 person can do it at a time. also at the time there was only 1 way to get up. next thing i know he was infront of me. awestruck i fell off and asked how he got up there. he pmed me and said flymod lol. i did think of it at the time as he had complained of being laggy, i just assumed that he meant mod as in glitch and "flew" up there with block lag. then it sunk in 5 minutes later, but he had already left, and his name had evaded me. no mods where on, so there was no way for any authority to hear his little crime. i have yet to see him again. i did the /p command on his name before he was presumabley banned (i do this a lot just to learn a bit about people) and he had joined that very day.

    another tale from smp8 is when 2 friends (not sure if IRL or just in game, they seemed pretty close) had jsut joinec. they where literally screaming at the top of their lungs to go to their shop or else they would be banned. then they proceeded to stop using caps as others complained. they started following me asking me to buy stuff. i tried working on my arches (those darn arches broke the physics of minecraft!) but everytime i would get near a ledge they would ask me a random question (how long have you been on EMC? or may i borrow a few rups?) they would push me off as i was typing my reply. eventually i did the /res pset noob-derp move false. i watched and watched as they tried going onto my lot and failing. it was a bit humerous to see them falling from the sky limit as they where kicked from my lot. then they bombarded me with questions. i did the /ignore noob-derp (that actually is not the player's name) and it stopped. then they went to normal chat i think as others where telling them to shut up. they still come to my lot every now and then. :mad:

    and finally is when i saw a player, spamming me ( who thought i was the admin as well lol) why they couldnt use their x-ray texture pack. "its harmless its just for chests diamond and coal lol" they didnt even grasp the basics of griefing and fair play. then they proceeded to use another x-ray that their friend made (as he said) to locate and find ALL of my hidden chests in my lot. this was before the /report player days so i had to ignore it.

    why do people cheat? its so annoying! why do people stalk? its so annoying!

    i lied. now finally i must say that before i joined (i was always a supporter) i read every part of the guide before joining. now maybe there was no tutorial at the time, but i spawned on the roof of the wild spawn. i went to town and tried getting a lot (it was only smp1 at the time). they where all taken, so me, having never used chat yet, excluded myself to the utopia wild, where i had a magnificent man-made island for me. i miss you 1.8.1. thosae where the good days for minecraft i think.
  2. yeah like that one time smp5 went on a huge riot (riot=CAPS CAPS AND MORE CAPS) and there were no mods on so i made that post and MODS SAVED THE DAY!!!!!
  3. Precisely, i skimmed it. Played then i went back and read it.
  4. It's funny, 'cause almost no one knows about square. Then someone will start spamming, thinking they're safe, and get kicked. Then everyone (save a few, like me) will start screaming "OMG THE ADMINS IS IVNSIBLE HIDE YO WIFE HIDE YO KIDS" because they don't know about square. It's quite funny, actually. I let them believe in invisible mods, because, you never know, maybe they won't break the rules if they know they can't see the mods, even if they aren't on.
    It's also funny when reboot broadcasts come up, and then people start screaming about the end of the world being near....
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  5. that end of the world part just made my day :p
  6. Well, I'm glad I could help. :D
    Someone on smp2 actually built an obsidian bunker so we could all "save ourselves from impending doom"
  7. no way that is awesome!
  8. To Smp2 to Escape from the Worlds End and and Beggars,......."WE RIDE"
  9. no dont go! its even worse there with shop adverts!
  10. I didn't read the guide when I started. In fact I still haven't read most parts of the guide ...
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  11. It's funny, someone earlier today said "Can I have some money I only have 10 r." Then five seconds later they say "Oh wait I just spent it, now I have none! Donate plz." To those who beg I say "Wait a day, then you will have 100+" ;)
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  12. Couldnt agree more! I've considered putting a donations chest in my shop like other well respected shops have, but idk... why not just buy some stuff, right? Besides, I can only see needing donations if I had a MASSIVE project that needed and INSANE amount of materials, like 300,000 logs/stone/etc. I dont have a project that big right now, so someone giving me a donation doesnt really make sense.

    I'll say it again, everything (%99.9 anyways) you can buy with rupees you can acquire youself in the wild with ZERO rupees. EMC is a survival and predominately vanilla server, its set up to support you going out and collecting and then building whatever. ppl need to stop thinking its a creative server where you just buy your entire inventory and then build on you empty res. Go out and do it yourself, thats what makes MC FUN!
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  13. I am only the speaker of the truth.
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  14. I also find it funny that iv seen a few players who I would talk to and they would tell me how they haven't even played single player before. And the ones I talk to and state that are the ones who ask stuff like "how do you build a door" or something like that.

    I know minecraft (at least not yet but I heard there is a tutorial with the demo coming in 1.3) doesn't tell you how to do stuff but well thats kinda how its made you learn by doing and stuff. And if you get stumped you can always google it (like iv heard people who get questions about stuff state "google it") to find the answer and usually tend to stumble upon the minecraft wiki which basically shows you every thing you can craft.

    With me I started single player in 1.8 and learned to build a lot of stuff myself through trial and error and if I ever got stuck I googled how to build a certian thing and found minecraft wiki right at the top of the page whenever I put stuff like "minecraft piston" or something like that.

    And like I hear pretty much every week when I have my store open. "why don't you sell pistons" "why don't you sell doors" or stuff like that. And I answer them.. "why should I waste space in a shop to sell something you can easily build yourself with a crafting table (thats free to use outside my shop mind you) and just buy the materials needed to build it yourself instead of being lazy and wanting me to waste space and sell something like a piston for slightly more since I had to waste my time building it for your lazy self?"

    Thats kinda why my shop doesn't sell everything possible. I am not going to waste my time building all the items people need and waste more space to build an even bigger ugly shop to sell things just cause people are lazy.

    I sell logs and even wood planks (even though logs should be enough) and if they want a door they can buy some wood planks and make one them self instead of me building it and sell it slightly more then the cost of planks since I had to take the time to build it myself and waste space in my shop for it.
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  15. im not to pro with remembering with the rules but i stick by them if i forget i remeber so tht good and not sure if advertising my store is bad i cant remember soz :p
  16. i heard that the iron supporter only got about 9k of all his money from supporting for three months. apparently he mainly uses it to hide from the live map.
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  17. I'm having a look for servers running it, though same as you I've got a truckload of games waiting to be defeated. Just reinstalled XCom UFO. That'll lose a good chunk of my life.

    If you find one, give me a shout if you want to team up.
  18. I also hear he's very shy and likes to have his chat off.
  19. See what I did with this is tell them that I will NEVER allow them or anyone else that I couldn't trust my life (MC life) with
    To have flags when I am not online in the same res
  20. I fell for you, bro. The area of smp1 where I live used to be flat land for miles across. Now I get at least 5 different neighbors each month on each side of my res. Some build really cool things, but others build random crap like dirt structures. One guy even made a bunch of swastikas out of dirt! And about the mods, I had an extremely well hidden chest before the Locking was added, and some noob dug straight to it and destroyed it! I really honestly miss the old days of the Empire, especially the Mob Arenas that everyone says we never had.
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