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Dec 27, 2012
Dec 29, 2011
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Dec 27, 2012
    1. dylan_frenette
      i need 2 eff IV picks.... hopefully at your shop price ( 750 per ) can you get them??
    2. EpcotBall
      Um, well, I don't know you but I see you are wearing a Nyan Cat skin. Can you visit 1160 sometime? I think you'll like what you see... :)
    3. pateraterick
      I see... You are viewing dark magics auction
    4. 621op
      Congrats on 3 million texp i wish i had that many :)
    5. Elite
      Hey, do you still have that silk touch diamond pic with eff 4 and unb 3 ? ... if so, when i get back in a few days i'd like to buy it :D
      1. Dubzy1
        I'll set up an access chest for you, just send me the rupees asap
        May 15, 2012
    6. JMB6362
      Can you follow me?!?!?
    7. dylan_frenette
      dude i need you to restock your silk touch picks just silk touch with nothing else with it
      1. Dubzy1
        Sorry, I don't have any plain silk touch picks left, someone bought me out a few hours before your post.
        May 14, 2012
    8. 621op
      Congarts on 2 million text hope i get that much!
    9. zSlumDog
      Nice you hit 1 million lifetime TEMP :)
    10. Rtardo
      Congrats on hitting the 1 million lifetime TEXP mark
      1. Dubzy1 likes this.
    11. NoopSauce
      Dubzy Ur the richest person EVER
    12. pietdagamer
      Hey dubzy, because you're so high in the TEXP leaderboards, i assume you have an exp grinder. Can you give me the coordinates and server? I really want to use it. (as a motivation, i want to pay 500r a week to use it:))
    13. Kakashi2910
      Hey Dubzy1, I want to buy your Silk Touch, Efficiency IV and Unbreaking 3

    14. pietdagamer
      Hey dubzy, i need a silk touch pickaxe. But i dont want to buy it because i need it just once... Cn i borrow 1 for 500r? If you dont feel comfortable that i borrow it, i am willing to pay the full price, and if i dont return the pickaxe, you can keep the money. If i do return the pickaxe, you return the money (-500r)

      Is that a good idea?
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      2. pietdagamer
        I only need it for 1 or 2 uses....
        Mar 31, 2012
      3. Dubzy1
        Shop signs can only sell pickaxes that are completely unused.
        Mar 31, 2012
      4. pietdagamer
        You can auction the one i used, maybe you get even more rupees than you did via the sign. And you can make an acces sign for the winner.
        Mar 31, 2012
    15. MeIiodas
      Dubzy Kinda Falling Behind Rtardo
    16. 621op
      how do i sell enchanted items
      1. marknaaijer
        Do /iteminfo and you will see
        Jun 14, 2012
    17. dannydan
      props to you for over taking rtardo.

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