Sale: Enchanted Diamond Pickaxes

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  1. Status: Near Closing

    New special offer: 3x Fortune III, Unbreaking III, Efficiency IV pickaxes for 18k (That's 6k each)

    I have several enchanted diamond pickaxes for sale. If you are interested in any of them, please PM me or leave a reasonable offer on this thread. The pickaxes can also be bought out from my residence at 3144 on smp2 for the listed prices in brackets.

    Feel free to make an offer below the buyout price.

    All following enchantments are on diamond pickaxes and are level 48 to 50 enchantments:

    Unbreaking III (500)
    Efficiency IV (750)
    Efficiency IV, Unbreaking III (2,500)
    Efficiency V, Unbreaking III (4,500)
    Silk Touch, Efficiency V(8,000)
    Silk Touch, Unbreaking III, Efficiency IV(11,000). Due to a glitch, you must PM me to buy this.
    Fortune III (5,000)
    Fortune III, Efficiency IV (5,500)
    Fortune III, Unbreaking III (8,500)
    Fortune III, Unbreaking III, Efficiency IV (7,000). Due to a glitch, you must PM me to buy this.
    Fortune III, Unbreaking III, Efficiency V (9,500). Due to a glitch, you must PM me to buy this.

    From the Minecraft Wiki:

    Unbreaking III should, on average, make a tool last 4 times as long.
    Fortune III should, on average, increase the drop rate of items from blocks by 120% (2.2 diamonds from 1 ore)
    Efficiency increases the mining speed of the pickaxes by 10% per level. Most blocks break instantly at levels IV and V.
    Silk Touch allows the collection of normally unobtainable blocks such as diamond ore.
    Dubzy1's (Buyout price) is a great deal!

    Please refrain from posting questions about my spawner on this thread.
  2. The Fortune III, Unbreaking III and the Unbreaking III, Efficiency V pickaxes were sold. Remember to ask me if you want to buy the pickaxes with 3 enchantments.
  3. Lowered prices slightly.
  4. Can I buy the silk Gluck one for 11k?
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  5. Sorry, 11k is too low for me. My silk touch, unbreaking 3 pickaxe without any efficiency sold for 15250 2 days ago, so I won't sell any lower than that for now.
  6. Feel free to make an offer below the buyout price.
  7. Awesome Enchantments Hope To Buy Soon! (;
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  8. Could you set aside your Unbreaking III, Efficiency IV (3,000) for me? I'll buy it for 3k later tonight! :)
  9. come anytime, theres more than one =P
  10. Cool - maybe I'll buy more than one. :)
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  11. how you get so much experience?
  12. I bid 7000 on the fotune and efficiancy 3 pick
  13. im assuming you meant efficiency 4. just go to my res and by it from the sign shop outside
  14. i have a secret exp farm which i do not have.
  15. Yes sorry
  16. with what then?
  17. a monster spawner
  18. thats the same lol :)
  19. i dont understand what you're trying to ask =S