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  1. how bout mods go around and dig far down and put emeralds

    {EDIT} And About 84% of the emc universe doesnt want reset
    Im 80% of that dejaja and alex are the other 4 :p
  2. tumblr_m4jqbeI39V1rp9ify.gif will never happen... mods "placing" materials....
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  3. I Had That Coming By The Way How Do U Get Those Animations
  4. yeah ya did lol

    i just find em and put them on my desktop, then add file to my post, and then delete them from my desktop.
  5. Allow me to quote commandment number one of this server. " 1. Thou shalt not destroy. " A wild reset would be destroying many peoples hard work. It would be little better than a greifer clearing an area so others could take the spot for themselves. If the wild where to reset there is little doubt in my mind that the server would lose many of its respected members. I myself ( maybe not respected but atleast somewhat well known) would find it hard to keep my ties to this server if all my creations were reset.
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  6. I swear... we're making this so hard for Justin >=D
  7. tumblr_lcvm8nrcOI1qzcl6io1_400.gif
  8. if MCedit updates to where its supposed to be headed, we probably won't do a wild reset.
  9. People, people stop fighting. Justin should just setup a outpost in the area that has'nt been loaded yet so that the new ore would spawn. I think that would work.
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  10. Do you imagine the size of EMC wilderness save? It would take days... weeks... months... just for MCEdit to do such a thing. Plus we couldn't even borrow chuck norris' Curtains Vista, or NASA's super computer.
  11. Justin is running 11 servers, and is running a website with over 30k members, I'm sure.. Infact, I'm POSITIVE he could do it. He was talking to me a while ago about maybe changing biomes in town with MCedit.
  12. Eh, a plugin can do that. I just realized that Bukkit/Mojang team made biomes changeable, its not seed dependent anymore.
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  13. Emeralds... villager trading... wallstreet...
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  14. It is not unthinkable. It is necessary. Minecraft is a constantly updating and constantly enjoyable game because of these updates. There are almost no games that release free content on a regular basis. It keeps the game fresh and exciting. Wild people are told that the wild is not a permanent place to build. No, I am not a stickily town person. I personally have dug out two slime farms, helped build and have access to multiple very nice spawners. I am part of a group building a very nice wilderness outpost. I enjoy my time in the wilderness much more than in town. However, I realize that these things must happen. If EMC falls behind in content it will take two blinks before EMC is dead.
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  15. i think that not doing a reset would be best - and i agree with Aikar. We've all put SO much time into the wild, especially Aikar -- like.. having a reset would be devastating to those of us who actually live here and depend on the wild and what we've built.
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  16. You are told not to depend on the wild before ever going out there. You should not be surprised or upset when these things happen.
  17. building a few grinders in the wild isn't the same as living in the wild. Here's a perfect example of someone disregarding the destruction of countless hours of hard work and creativity for a little convience.

    Aikar is right, the last reset was NECCESARY (in fact I voted to reset) but having another one so soon for this update is NOT neccesary. "Wild people" are community members and more often than not, are loyal EMC members that have great aspirations to make large scale massive projects that can only be built in the wild and they go to great lengths to travel out far enough and figure out a way to stay hidden and to transport materials needed for these massive projects. While the wild may not be permenant, it is not unrealistic to assume that since we just had a neccesary reset within 75-80 days ago, the next reset would not be until it was neccesary again. I recall hearing the staff mention that the next reset wont be for quite a while. Nothing in the update suggests to me that reseting the wild is required, nor has anyone made any statements as to why there NEEDS to be another one.

    Its like imminent domain... I'm sorry, we are claiming your house so we can bulldoze it and put in a freeway and shopping mall where you house used to be. And because you all want a nice new freeway and, YAY!, a new mall, you dont care who's stuff gets destroyed as long as you get to shop at Macy's while drinking a Starbucks...and, hey, its not YOUR house they're bulldozing, so who cares.

    EDIT: The EMC COMMUNITY keeps EMC alive, not updates, and if you ask me, its a matter of opinion if MC is still "fresh" or not.. since the last reset/upate was not that long ago, I dont believe MC has gone stale, its still quite fresh to me.
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  18. Maybe you might have noticed that as well as talking about grinders i mentioned that I was part of a community building in the wild. I have put in countless hours working in the wild. I will gladly put that aside to ensure that EMC is able to stay relevant. The new ore is going to be rare. If you have to walk an hour away from spawn just to begin to look for it - this is not staying relevant with the new content. If EMC does not keep up with content it will not attract new members. You can not say we are staying current if you have to spend an hour to maybe - if you get lucky - find new content. The reset was - as you say less than three months ago. Well at least you will not loose anything you can not rebuild in three months. The reset would be in the best interest of everyone - Just like that shiny new shopping center - will help let the community prosper and thrive. Ignoring new content in order to keep a few people happy will kill EMC.
  19. Another wild reset is bound to happen sooner or later, thats why after the last one im no longer investing hours and hours of hard work into it. EMC is a great server but if you want to live in the wild this is'nt the server for you.
    Im gonna assume that most people who vote for the wild to be reset probably never venture further then the yellow reset area either.
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  20. Well, at least you've openly admitted that you support a reset so that you have a shorter distance to walk to find materials.. there's a word for that. So, just so I get this right, you're saying we should spend the next three monthes rebuilding what we have already built so that you don't have to walk farther then 10 min outside the periodic reset area to find new items... did I get that correct? 3monthes vs 10min of walking.

    And for the record, I have multiple complicated and large grinders in the wild and I'm not even concerned about them, those are easy to build or rebuild... my concern is the creative home and highways were we have linked multiple members structures together and starting building actual city's. I could care less about the grinders.
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