New Minecraft currency :o

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  1. so much work into my 5x spawner and already lost my base once. Almost wont want to make another...

    then again, my grinder the second time around IS 3 times as good as my old one....
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  2. If it resets I'll cry.
  3. If they do Wild reset will that be the ENTIRE wild? There are communities in the wild that people have worked hard on. I have locked chests full of stuff there. I don't want to lose any of my stuff.
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  4. Me too!!! :eek:
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  5. We get warning and free vault access anywhere, ect.
  6. If I got the video right we can get the new currency by selling stuff to villagers too. So there might not be that much pressure to reset the wild. The last reset was because of the jungle biomes and other huge changes before that.
    So no panic. This is just in the snapshots and a really early stage. We will have tons of time to prepare for that and I have full trust in Justin to handle it well just as he did before :)
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  7. So no pressure Justin! ;)
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  8. Ahhh wilderness resets ... one of the risks of building in the wild =]
  9. and this is why I don't live in the wild
  10. lol what's why they're funny cause you can hardly understand them :D
  11. Green_Mystery isn't hard to understand I just wanted to quote the first part :D
  12. Wild reset will SUCK! I really really hope we could work around it. My wild camp is way too huge.
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  13. there better not be another reset ._.

    last one was needed for technical reasons cause entire new biomes was more tricky, and in order to enable the period reset area on all servers.

    but for a new ore? no... let it be rarer.
  14. Not only a new ore, new buildings aswell.

    Oh, i really hope Justin will disable the bottle'o'enchatning. If everybody can get that i will be very annoyed :(
  15. also new generate (large bioms)
  16. Large biomes is a setting that can optionally be turned on for new worlds. If there is a reset, we could vote on that too. :D

    BUT if you spawn in the middle of a desert, you're in trouble because there's no wood (for tools) or food :eek:
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  17. I an't wait for this update because now i don't have to spend time installing Millienaire mod (which is still better than caveman squidwards:))
  18. Guys, the thing with minecraft is that updates like this are to be expected. It has already been said in numerous places that when you build in the wild you always take a risk of loosing your stuff one way or another... Now, there is a perfectly good place you can build where you will NEVER loose anything.... its called your res in town!

    The wilderness is a place to collect resources for use in town. Why build fancy beautiful structures in the wild when you can build it on your res and have it be preserved forever?

    I personally don't mind AT ALL if the wilderness gets reset... Do what you have to do Justin :)
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  19. Well, if there is a wild reset i'm going to cry :p I had an item grinder (double dungeon) that was fast, and the spawning was controlled by lighting, and then the last wild reset came, and I had to say goodbye to it and quickly leave for the town portal (which was about 1,500 blocks away).
    I haven't made a spawner like that again since, but I hope to. On a single player world, because in the wild on EMC, you're always going to lost it one way or another.

    However, I do see potential for the emeralds. We can trade items for them in villages, and then eggify the villagers, bring them all back after harvesting the village of its resources, villagers, emeralds, and food. Then we can sell everything. The emeralds would be useful in shops because people would buy them to trade them for items in their residence villages.