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  1. Maybe there could be separate votes for each server...only servers that get enough votes will have their wilds reset
  2. wouldn't work because people can have multiple res' on multiple servers. it'd get confusing and hard to track. And seriously, MCEDIT or other tools will be able to add the new content in: i'm almost POSITIVE. Even then though, a reset in the unexplored areas would be a good idea but it'd be a pain in the butt because you have to have every point around the border to not just plow through those areas. We should really wait for a necessary update where it fixes mobs from glitching and if it reduces lag. Having a few new feats. aren't worth all that hard work and time lost. I've spent AT LEAST 100 hours on the place i'm living now in the wild - and it'll get reset because what, someone wants to find diamonds easier and not walk out 20k blocks? or maybe they want the emeralds? well thats what we have the emc store for. As long time supporters and members of empire minecraft, our work that we put into our houses, and whatever we build/built should be respected.
  3. Monster and chrystian have both mentioned this now: reseting unexplored areas...
    Now, I could be wrong here, but I believe the unexplored areas currently in the wild will have the new content like emeralds because the chunks arent generated until someone enters the area and "explores" it. like the last update when they added jungle biomes, if you went out into a black area on the livemap you could find jungle biomes because the chunks had been generated AFTER the update (i think this might have something to do with those crazy invisable myan force fields you would occasionally run into while exploring..idk) . so, im not sure "reseting unexplored areas" is neccessary or even possible.
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  4. Jeb took emeralds out. No need to panic.
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  5. oh. good. cause i was totally freaking out over here, like pulling my hair out, calling 911

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  6. your sarcasm is entertaining

  7. Where did you hear this?
  8. It was removed, but they decided that they are in fact adding it into the game. Most of the MC info comes from Jeb's twitter.
  9. Like I said before:

    If a reset has to happen, it has to happen. You take a risk building in the wild.
    Also I wouldnt say that a server admin reseting the wild, is greifing. NOT AT ALL. His server, he will only do whats best for the community. The commandments are for the players to abide by, I mean sure, the admins follow them, but they can do what they want. Thank goodness they aren't breaking them ae ;)
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  10. Added to what was said above...we've always made it very clear that on EMC the wild is a WILD. Nothing there is guaranteed to stay. If you want longevity, build in Town. Building anything in the wild with an expectation that it will stay forever will most likely end in sadness.
  11. EMC shop ii sell "emeralds"too?
  12. From what I've read, he isn't taking them out, just only putting them in creative. Which raises the question of them being available in the EMC shop. Does this solve the dilemma of resetting? Is there anything else that will be in short supply when the new release comes out?
  13. Im just gonna wait till I here something from the emc staff.. but my guess they are considering a reset still. Wont know till they tell us.
  14. Just as an alternative to the suggestions that we've had so far...

    How about bringing back the "Wasteland" world?
    The wild could stay as it is, and people could have wild colonies and bases etc there, whereas the Wasteland could be an up to date vanilla minecraft world (except maybe with a live map this time).

    [At one point there was two wilds on each server, the "Wilderness" and the "Wasteland"]

    I'm not sure why it was removed in the first place, as I was taking an unplanned break from EMC at the time, so I presume there's an argument against it? I suppose that you could argue that people would find the wild boring as it would be an out of date 1.2 world, without new features, but most of the wild settlements are quite far from spawn anyway, so it wouldn't be hard to explore a bit further out and generate some new 1.3 world. Besides, it would still be a lot more interesting than living in town, for those who like to be in the wild too.

    Also, then people would have no excuse to complain when the wasteland was reset, as there would be no reason to build there.
  15. There's great points for both sides of this, DeJaja, melodytune etc have excellent points. Here's my points.

    Many of the previous updates did not change blocks in the game, just what you could create, so the wild was not effected. Like quoted above, the wild is not safe from anything, griefers or resets. All in all, in DOES NOT have to be reset to make this patch work. People can just walk out from the spawns to find the new structures and ores.

    At the same time, back long ago when I joined this server, it was because it was SMP, had a great looking community and was UP TO DATE.

    So I don't know where I stand on all of this. If will_iamd's idea could come back, that would work for the time being (until a major update comes out), but more worlds equals more ram and more lag.

    Without starting a riot, I can say that it more than erks me when people say that if it's reset they will leave. Look, I've been through a reset, and it has to happen to stay current. It might not be this patch or the next one, but sometime down the road there will have to be another. Are you going to leave then? The great part about minecraft is that you can rebuild everything. I lost huge spawner with the previous reset, but it needed to happen. Being able to put aside what is best for you, in exchange for what is best for the community, both present and future, should be a given.
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  16. Does this mean wild reset...please no...i beg you Justin...Epic NO
  17. Y
    Yes and then supporters get it to themselves for a week MWAHAHAH xD
  18. When will the next (first) periodic reset be?
  19. Exactly this! Do I think that building in the wild can be fun? Absolutely, I do it myself from time to time. However, when people threaten to leave because of something that they KNEW was a possibility, it makes me laugh. We have stated from DAY 1 that we are a town based community and that the wild is meant to be just that, a wild and WILL be rest from time to time. I 100% agree with you in the fact that one of our strong points was being up to date. If I were a player on this server and not a staff member, I would completely be in the boat of a reset every time because because I much prefer playing with new and fresh things. People come in knowing that, build a big thing anyways, then have a hissy fit when it actually gets followed through. It'd be like going to McDonalds everyday knowing they don't sell tacos. Then, one day you go in and ask for tacos and freak out when they tell you they don't have them.

    Justin and I have some ideas we are toying with in the future (way future) that will likely make some wild people happy. However, until we make any such announcements, know it's a possibility that (like we've ALWAYS told you) the wild MAY have a chance of getting reset from time to time. My guess is that when this time happens, we may do a vote like we did in the past and go with the majority, but that's not for sure either way just yet.
  20. I don't understand why Mojang doesn't consider this when they do their updates. Even on a single player world, if the player has explored a large area, they are going to have to venture farther out to get new generated chunks with the updates, right? I doubt it would be too hard for them to throw a few lines of code in the update to replace a specific # of blocks with new blocks. Sure, I probably can't write the algorithm to do it, but these guys should be able to. I mean, maybe new biomes would be tough to get in there, but a couple new blocks shouldn't be that tough. They could probably even add the NPC Villages and pyramids as well.