New Minecraft currency :o

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  1. new purpose for NPC villagers check this out! Including new items being added to Minecraft!!
  2. ore=wild reset
  3. yeah, I wonder if JustinGuy will call another vote for resetting the wild
  4. Unless He Does Something That Randomly Places Ore Everywhere And I Have Villager farm :p So Lucky Me :p
  5. Umm village breeding is disabled...
  6. Aw Dangit! ehh i have like 18 villagers -.-
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  8. btw guys sorry I couldn't make it so you could watch it on the forums.. it wouldn't let me :c
  9. Watching a video about the snapshot, I remembered the guy speaking saying Emeralds are 25 times more rare than diamonds :O I dont know if thats true. So trading with villagers may be hard.
  10. But you can sell them stuff too to get emeralds
  11. I hope this doesn't screw with the rupee system O.O
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  12. Xd, it probably won't. Btw, it might be an error, but on the wiki it said these are 25 times more rare than diamond. Along with the new villages, APARTMENTS????, and ender chests, we are in for a doozy. I mean, the ender chests store the same thing throughout the entire world with all the other chests, theres no way we can control that.

    I predict

    Because mojang is so slow.

    1 month for 1.3, 3 days for bukkit, 3 days to vote on a wild reset even though its necessary (Why wouldn't we?) a week for warning, and like 2 days for the actual reset, so.....

    1 month, 12 days.
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  13. thanks who ever fixed the youtube vid ;) Diamonds to you =)
  14. gamechap and bertiechap are better :p
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  15. I find them to loud and they seem like Green_Mystery
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  16. ...... i hope not, The Last Hope Outpost is become bigger and bigger everyday
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  17. Lucky me, i can /store or just get them
  18. Funny enough I too enjoy watching Gamechap and Bertie.

    And yes, I believe that with the addition of a new ore will mean another wild reset, unfortunately. :I
  19. I doubt that you'll be able to buy currency... that would be the ultimate paradox.
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  20. I wonder if we can reset specific areas how the Safe zone never changes (i dont think it does) or how the Pereodic reset area can be reset by itself????