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  1. Maybe regenerate the world but leave those areas that have been modified from the original untouched? Seems like it would take a long time and be memory intensive because two copies of the world would need to be compared block by block, but it also sounds pretty straight forward on the surface.
  2. on conversion of world, foreach new ore and structure , calculate previous terrain generators blockfor that location, if it matches whats currently there, replace with new ore/structure.

    Then if anyone has modified the area of the desert that would of had a pyramid, it wouldnt be there, but if its untouched (like 90% of pregenned area), it will be there.

    New biomes yes would require resets as entire layout of world changes, but the wastelands idea solves that problem (Though it sucks for single player saves)
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  3. Firstly: I would support a wild reset. I have lots of structures in the wild, but - given a fair warning - I'd actually quite enjoy starting afresh. It puts everybody 'even' in the wild, and makes things nice and new. And it brings in *all* the updates - not just Emerald. Nicer villages, updated landscaping, and so on. And, it gets rid of all the messy places, e.g. the sandstone TNT-mined post-apocalyptic areas.

    Secondly: I can understand why people don't want to lose their creations in the wild; I'm sympathetic, but I would support the reset anyway, for the sake of progress. But if it's *really* too much for others, then perhaps it would be possible to just "hack in" some emeralds. For example, by changing 1-in-10 redstone ore to emerald-ore. That's 2nd choice, of course; it's a fudge.

    Third choice would be 'leave it as is', and we'd either go a very long way out, or onto another server, for Emerald.

    It seems to me that villager-trading is going to be quite important in Vanilla - so if we're gonna keep with the programme, we'll need a reset eventually.

    *As long as we get plenty of notice, and have a chance to discuss the options*

    IMHO, YMMV, etc.
  4. What I've always done is moved my maps onto a new world using MCedit. It takes about an hour to select all the parts and move them to the right spot, but it works.

    I completely agree though that a large percentage of the player base isn't going to be able to use this method. I don't think there's a good answer to fix it.