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  1. I see you got it to work. If you leave out the quote, though, it'll be more visible. ;)
  2. Sí, I will leave mine as is for the time being. So few people know about Quercus Alba, and tzgiles hasn't been on in a while. Because of that, neither will be taken down. but it seems like if you click anywhere on my signature it takes you to the market.

    Is it that what the second link is supposed to do, azoundria?
  3. What second link?

    There's only one link, and it starts just before the picture and ends just after it. I wouldn't know why your whole signature turned into a link, I guess you made a mistake. :)
  4. Just click on any text in my signature. It leads to the website now.

    In the post azoundria had, there were two URLs/Copy and Paste functions. The top one does something (I think?), and the bottom one is the banner.
  5. Is there a way to see the most recent added items (aka, which shops were stocked/added in the last 24hours only)
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  6. Never got an answer :D:oops:
  7. Is this sort of a recent changes list or more of a filter on search results?

    The shop page only lists some of the shop items. (On some shops the full list might crash a browser.) I've added a link to view the full list at the bottom.
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  8. What are the ways that one can update the pricing of items on the list (especially if they haven't bought the items before)?
  9. Ways to update prices of items:
    • Double click the price listing and change it. You have to hit enter to save it.
    • Enter the new price/quantity at the bottom of the item page. It will replace any entries matching the same residence, quantity, and item.
    • Use the Import feature to import a list of prices (need a free account to do this). The import/export can be used to easily update a whole shop via Excel or a text editor.
    • Use the bulk adder (need a free account to do this). This lets you add/edit a lot of items quickly in the browser for a given shop.
    • Use the rupee history reader if you've bought or sold the item. (To add/edit all the items you've bought or sold in the last 30 days.)
    Hope that helps!
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  10. Very behind on adding items to the site. If anyone would like to go through and make a list of items or help resizing icons for them I would much appreciate that.
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  11. Happy Canada Day!

    All items for 1.13, 1.14, 1.15, and 1.16 (upcoming) have now been added to the website. This is a total of 293 new items that have been added.

    Most (but certainly not all) have icons.

    A full list of new items can be found here:

    Please report if there are any issues using the new items.
  12. there is no skeleton horse spawn egg item
  13. Thanks. I wasn't aware that you could obtain one. I've added it now.
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  14. Hello! I would like to help update the shop listings in the EMC market database, but I've run into an issue. I've created a CSV file for res 2443 in an Excel spreadsheet (saved it as a .csv file), but every time I try to import it, it keeps telling me I need to add a line that sets the residence number. I have done this already, but it still won't accept the CSV file. (Note that this is not my residence I am trying to update; I'm not sure if that would affect this or not.) I'm not sure what I am doing wrong, so any help would be appreciated!

    Below is the link to a screenshot of the error presented as well as the first few lines of the CSV file I have created.

    Thank you so much for creating this tool! I look forward to using and helping improve it in the future!


    EDIT: I have also noticed a lack of 1.17 items/blocks in the database; is there an ETA available on when they may be added?

    EDIT 2: Something that may be useful would be options per item in a residence shop listing; it would save from having to search for the item and find the specific shop listing in order to access the options (if that makes any sense).
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  15. Huh, that's frustrating! :p
  16. Update: I found out why it wasn't working. Apparently Excel has a LOT of file formats it can save as, including multiple formats that use the .csv file extension. I tried exporting it as CSV UTF-8 at first, which was giving me the error; saving it as a normal CSV file format did the trick, and the import completed successfully.

    Here's a screenshot of what I mean; if importing doesn't seem to work, check to make sure you're using the correct type of CSV format!
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  17. Ah, good job.
    It would be nice if all comma-delimited csv's were read correctly, perhaps?
  18. I just registered on the Marketplace and found it to be very useful. It's an awesome tool.

    My shop currently spans across two of my smp3 reses, 7866 and 7696, with the entrance and bulk of the items for sale being on 7866.

    When I registered my shop it was listed under res 7696 and only a few items I have for sale are listed. How do I add the other items I have for sale on the other res? I attempted to export from that res but the csv file is empty.
  19. Been working on getting new items added. Change log for 2022 so far:

    Feb 4th:
    Resolved an issue where the password recovery feature would not work properly in a small number of cases due to the lack of URL encoding on the provided account recovery code.
    Mar 6th:
    Fixed a bug where the shulker boxes page would not show up correctly when searched due to caching.
    May 8th:
    Fixed multiple bugs when marking items as "Out" or "Gone". These would complain if one of the database values overflowed, as it could on some entries that had been marked Out or Gone too many times.
    June 12th:
    Resolved a bug where registration would fail since some columns of the table lacked a default value and the MySQL database was upgraded to be more strict.
    Fixed a bug where the registration success screen did not display the proper layout.
    July 1st:
    Removed the recipe link between gold blocks and enchanted golden apples.
    July 3rd:
    Created a new utility to allow for easily adding new items.
    July 6th:
    Added amethyst shard, amethyst block, budding amethyst (small, medium, large), amethyst cluster, azalea, flowering azalea, azalea leaves, flowering azalea leaves, mangrove leaves, copper ore, copper ingot.
    July 9th:
    Added raw iron, raw gold, raw copper, block of raw iron, block of raw gold, block or raw copper.
    Added copper blocks, exposed copper blocks, weathered copper blocks, and oxidized copper blocks, as well as all cut and waxed variants.
    July 21st:
    Added calcite.
    July 25th:
    Adding all candles. Every colour added, but all have the same icon for now.
    Added glow berries.
    August 23rd:
    Added deepslate and cobbled deepslate.
    September 30th:
    Completed migration to a new hosting server.
    October 15th:
    Added deepslate bricks and chiseled deepslate bricks.
    I have been adding new items and doing updates in 30 minute pockets as I have time. I thought I should share the progress so far even if there's a lot still to go. If anyone would like to help with preparing icons and/or making lists of items that need to be added that would be helpful.

    Try exporting the residence with the shop items, then importing into the residence where you want them to appear. If the items aren't in any residence yet, then you can use the various tools to add them including Auto Reader, bulk add tool, adding them to the CSV yourself, or searching and adding an individual item.
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