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  1. Updates for today!

    Items already existed:
    - Polar Bear Egg
    - Purple Shulker Box
    - Totem Of Undying
    - Redstone Observer (Keyword Observer Block added)

    New items added:
    - Llama Egg (64)
    - Shulker Shell (64)
    - Treasure Mansion Map (1)
    - Treasure Temple Map (1)
    - Sweeping Edge I Enchanted Book
    - Sweeping Edge II Enchanted Book
    - Sweeping Edge III Enchanted Book
    - Curse Of Binding Enchanted Book
    - Curse Of Vanishing Enchanted Book

    Note: Most of these items do not have icons. If anyone feels inclined, they can provide icons to help. Need square icons in 16x16, 32x32, and 64x64 for each item. The Minecraft wiki is usually where I grab the originals from and resize them in Gimp (although you can use an editor of your choice). I also don't have an icon for Ender Crystal.

    I've fixed a bug with the bulk adder and items with ' (ie Rabbit's Foot) which resulted in some broken JavaScript on the page when using those items.

    I've been analyzing more on the empty searches, search queries (possibly partial queries) people typed that had no search results. This is a useful way for me to find items that might be missing from the database.

    Based on this, I've added common typos such as 'emr', 'emerl', 'godl' and name variants like 'sugarcane', 'end brick', 'slimeball'.

    There were, however, some that I couldn't figure out. Here are 4 fairly popular searches that show up with no matching items:

    If anyone has any idea what people may have been trying to find with the above searches let me know.

    Also, silk touch, mending, and infinity show up without the I afterwards in the names.

    Happy searching.
  2. dui: Driving Under the Influence. I think someone was Searching Under the Influence.
    dim: Possibly meant to be "diam" to search for all things Diamond.
    gp: God Pick?
    SD: South Dakota. See DUI.
  3. I think that dui, dim, and sd are all incorrect (erroneous starts) to diamond, caused by typing quickly. gp is an erroneous start to gold. You can see these are all caused by accidentally hitting extra keys that are near the key you would want and also reasonably commonly typed letters. It makes sense because these are both items with high search volume.
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  4. Hey so I registered one of my accounts, and I would like to register my Main account, however it's not letting me. Any idea how I can get my main registered? I keep trying to 'log out' but it's not doing anything.
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  5. So I run a shop (WIP) on 17965 and 17966. The 17965 res was force claimed from derelict, and when I put in a shop for sale on 65 and manually putting it in, it shows up as the derelict owner, Lyds2213, instead of carolmoss' alt, Sam something. I can manually change it to my name anyway, but I thought it was just weird that it showed Lyds instead of Sam whatever.
  6. Does this still occur? The residence owners should be updated regularly. I can't remember if it was daily or weekly.

    For the moment clear your cookies. If you feel inclined and can manage to reproduce the problem then give me a step by step.
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  7. No, is showing as Sammerz. Thanks!
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  8. May I suggest a auto shop reset after something has been posted for a set time?
    Maybe those items go to a derelict tab section? I find many times I visit a location were a shop is no longer.... this would stop it as it would remove a shop that had been there for a extended time.
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  9. But then people would have to manually add shops that do still exist and get stocked back... and they might not even know it's not in there anymore.
  10. If you find a shop that doesn't exist PM me the residence number. It's very easy for me to remove them.
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  11. Update time!

    The biggest update is the Shop Report feature.

    I've been focused on key problems:
    - Shops close down (or the owners decide to take off move flag), and there's no easy way to report this.
    - Shops restructure and the old listings get left behind for eons.
    - New shops are built, but haven't been added to the website yet.
    - The auto reader wrongly assumes that a shop is on the player's primary residence.

    Visit this URL to report shop status and notes about what needs to be fixed:

    If you feel like being helpful, you can find a list of shops that need to be updated here:

    Also changed:
    - Icons for new 1.12 items implemented. Special thanks to TufDuf for resizing and uploading all the icons.
    - Fixed a couple of broken icons (due to names being cut short) and verified all icons to make sure none are missing.
    - Adding a large number of typos as aliases for common items (like diamonds, gold, etc...) so klutzes can use the site too.
    - Updated Hardened Clay to Terracotta
    - Shulker Shell to Shulker Boxes comparable.
    - Bones or Bone Meal to Bone Blocks comparable.
    - Empty Map -> Map alias added.
    - Removed year from liberty sword since there is only one.
    - Proofread and minor tweaks to the FAQ page.
    - bloodra1n username updated

    Added the following items:
    - Empire Firework 2016
    - Empire Firework July 4th 2015
    - Empire Firework July 4th 2016
    - Empire Firework July 4th 2017
    - Independence Day Firework 2017
    - Liberty Sword 2016
    - Remote Shop Signs

    Updated/added the following shops:
    - Bixlow_ (3 shops)
    - EvilAshWilliams
    - 911
    - 3111
    - 5511
    - 6062
    - 6191
    - 6611
    - 6703
    - 8075
    - 8182
    - 8426
    - 8811
    - 9298
    - 9742
    - 11011
    - 12211
    - 14411
    - 16111
    - 16675
    - 19911

    As always, happy searching! If you have any easy ideas for improving the site please let me know!
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  12. One problem:
    whenever I go into 'Shops' it gives me this.
    image removed per request
  13. Fixed now. PM me if you see any other strangeness.
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  14. Nice

    Goes to look at cheapest wood prices
    Shows all of mine
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  15. It has been a while since this has been brought up. I think it is about high time we (us at EMC) update that Website and make it more relevant, again!
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  16. It is not developed by EMC. It is developed and maintained bv Azoundria.
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  17. You say this, it is correctly so, however, Azoundria made it so that WE can update the prices there and add in our own shops. It hasn't been on the radar for some time, so I think it is about time (The normal o'l players like you and me of) EMC starts utilizing the resource Azoundria worked so hard to create. Let's input what we know of our own shops first, then move on to putting other shops on that list, too. Some shops haven't been updated in years, and that is the issue I am trying to fix, but I only really shop for obscure items (so that is the pricing I am more aware of). That makes more common items' pricings something I need to use resources like this to help me gauge their actual worth.
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  18. Yes that's correct. Although I update when I can, it's basically impossible for me to update everything. There are too many shops and only one of me.

    The site is basically Wikipedia for EMC shops. You can most easily bring shops in from your rupee history or if you register you can use the bulk feature and import/export to add/update entire shops. Even though these features exist and I've gone to great lengths to make them as efficient and convenient as possible, I still find that they are only lightly used, mostly by people adding their own shops only.

    I have some ideas for a feature that will let people who bring in new data have exclusive access to it for a period of up to 2 weeks. That would allow them the ability to exploit any arbitrage (buy low or sell high) from shops they add for that 2 week period. After 2 weeks, the information would become public so others could also use it. Would this be a useful feature and motivate more people to update prices?

    Also, are people generally finding issues in locating items in shops? I have been working on adding sections for larger shops, and there's a possibility to potentially also support screenshots. I think those could both help quite a bit with these issues, although the screenshots would take quite a bit of storage and I am not sure if people would bother to upload them. But it could create a new process where (1) someone goes through and screenshots all the prices on a shop, then (2) someone reads the signs and turns them into prices. I'm not sure how best to motivate the screenshot taker, but I could also give them access to the resulting prices. Any thoughts?
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  19. Feature Request: New Reports!

    A listing of the Top 10 sold or bought in shops based on volume, based on value, based on "churn" (could be hard to calculate), or based on shop rarity.

    Volume/Value: So a shop owner could look at it and go, "Hrm....if I could sell anything, what should I concentrate on to get the most sales/rupees?" It might show that wheat, for instance, is the highest seller by volume (number of stacks sold per day/week), whereas perhaps enchanted swords, while they don't have a lot of *volume* (number of sales), they might have a very high *value* amount (30 swords sold but for 99,999r total).

    Churn: "Churn" would be a harder value to calculate, but basically it means that as soon as someone gets that item in-stock in their shop, it sells out, even if they don't replace it quickly, or they don't make high volumes of it. For instance, it might show that, "every time I get Feather Fall enchanted boots in my shop, they sell out immediately, but I can't keep them in stock because they're hard to come by, so I only generate 3 a month".

    Rarity: A report that shows what the Top 10 rarest items available in a shop are -- items that just aren't stocked by very many players in a shop. Might have to be Top 20 because some obvious things are likely to be stocked -- like perhaps very few people sell dirt, since it's so plentiful. :) But maybe not.

    Just reports based on the data in the system that could help shop owners to decide what best to stock to get sales and happy customers. :)

    Thanks for a great system, Azoundria!
  20. This page here shows the highest search volumes:

    These are the things people are looking to buy or sell on the site, so that might give you some idea of what to focus on for a shop.

    I don't have access to any stock or volume information for any shop. It's not presently kept from the rupee history reader either. So to conclude that a shop sold more of one item than another is not possible given my present setup. I'm not sure how else you would come up with these numbers.