New Disc Added!

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  1. For anyone who knows me, yeah it's weird just seeing me popping out of oblivion but thought this was a really cool and neat achievement for the guy who created the NEW song for a disc in the update. Here's a sweet video made by himself:

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  2. Oh hey, that's actually pretty c--
    I hate you...
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  3. I thought that fad died years ago!!!!!

    Can't believe I fell for that....
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  4. I expected this the moment I saw the video. Honestly, I am not even mad! A+ for effort.
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  5. I give you up.
    (Lets you fall down hole)
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  6. I actually would love this for a disc.
  7. +1 Aikar, plugin now plz. Only b dropped by a mooshroom miniboss (moomentus) on every other tuesday, only on the 29th, when it's snowing IRL and in an ocean monument and on diff 10 kthxbai
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  8. Rest in peace, Caden. Died of laughter at midnight.
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  9. Did I just get Rick Rolled? I can't believe I fell for that.
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  10. Great! It's a shame it's so short.
  11. I actually want this disk. Then I will be the prettiest pink princess in all the land.
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  12. I fell for it too XD
  13. Did i just get rickrolled in 2015? :mad:
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  14. 2006 called, it wants its punchline back
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  15. How did I know that it was going to be a Rick Roll? :rolleyes:
  16. Odd, I thought this fad died out a long time ago...
    huh. :)
  17. Rick Roll never dies. my school played it last year at the end of the day on April Fools.