My "little" Erebor

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  1. Hi guys! (and girls of course)

    I've never posted anything on the forum yet but I've been playing in the empire for quite a while.
    After I saw the premiere of "The Hobbit" (awesomely placed on my birthday) I wanted to build my own interpretation of this great dwarven city in the wild of the empire.

    Since then (so over 2 months already) I have searched for the ultimate mountain and started digging out the halls.
    But working there in isolation with no real purpose in sight works a bit depressing, so I was thinking some of you guys might want to help me or live in it as there is still tons of space for quite some people.

    If anyone wants a residence in it, i give them a wall with a door and behind it they may make their own room (s). Of course nothing of others may be destroyed in the progress.

    here some pics of the living area and the entrance

    stairs.png smallbridges.png roof.png myroom.png fallingzombie.png entrancedark.png
    stairs.png smallbridges.png roof.png myroom.png fallingzombie.png entrancedark.png

    At this moment I'm working on the throne room, it is massively impressive and here you see one segment of it without the roof (it will be like this, but 5 times longer and probably deeper).


    Here is a view on the entrance hall


    And now some pics of the cathedral of a mountain itself (note the window of bel101bel's room)

    mountainside2.jpg mountainside.jpg mountainback.jpg

    All the minerals you find are yours to keep, but you may always donate diamonds and iron to me or others so we can improve our gear. Under the mountain are massive mineshafts, ravines, caves and other stuff, ready to be explored.

    And finally, a pic of a cave under the mountain with a creeper happily posing for the camera.


    I hope I'll get some positive reactions,

    ps: sorry for my english, I'm from Belgium
  2. pps: it's in the wilderness of smp2, pm me if you want to take a look
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  3. that is epic!
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  4. Epic, awesome, amazing, what else can I say...?

    Sssssssssssmashing!!! OMG I love it! The dwarves of long beard and sharp axes would be proud of you, and this is the best compliment I could give to you.
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  5. Looks epic. I won't head out quite yet but I'll keep it in mind.
  6. A few friends and I are working on something like this!
  7. Omg this is amazing! Nice mountain too. You sir, are an amazing builder. Can't wait to see the finished product!

    Derp question: This is the Lonely Mountain where Smaug is correct?
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  8. Yes :D that's what it is, Erebor in sindarin is exactly that, Lonely Mountain. It's one of the few words I know because my nick was created after I learned that Ered Luin meant Blue Mountains :p
  9. cool, can i come and see it?

    i am working on the throne room right now and it looks way bigger than on the pics.
    more pics are soon coming
  10. a little update on the throne room: sightfromdoor.jpg rooftotal.jpg roofhigh.jpg downsight.jpg
  11. and another update, the floor is almost to level (still 6 blocks deeper)
    I'm also considering to make this room 2 or more segments longer royalpath.jpg grandroof.jpg floordown.jpg
  12. Awesome! Nice work. :D
    You Might want to put the pictures in a spoiler though so it doesn't take up so much space.:p
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  13. naah, i like it how it bulldozes over the entire page :D
  14. :p Alright.
  15. Lovely architecture. Well excecuted. Just need to light it up some more to keep mobs from spawning. :D
  16. WOW. :) very nice. :)
  17. actually, i'm gonna drop some of the lighting so only bits of the pillars and the bridge will be visible.
    Also i want to mine until the floor is completely bedrock (6 layers deeper than deepest point now) so when you look down you will see a blackness of epic doom! or something...
  18. Just so long as you dont mind creepers doing damage to your architecture and your guests from time to time. ;)
  19. as people can only walk on the (well lighted) bridge and mobs will drop dead if they fall from the roof, i think the risk of encountering a mob will be quite low.