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  1. I would like "Share your EMC creations" under the Empire Creativity forum section for the sake of order.
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  2. Empire Community
    This is the place where all conversations related to Empire Minecraft take place.

    Seems like it's in a good place as is. :)
  3. I wouldn't say sharing your builds is much of a conversation.

    Does this description not fit it?
    "A place to share artistic creations, videos, and more!"
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  4. I agree with SkyDragon. Sharing a build isn't much of a long conversation and is more of a creative type of talk.
  5. As it is currently, the Creativity section deals with all things not directly related to Empire Minecraft, whereas the Community section deals with everything inside Empire Minecraft. I just don't see a reason to change it.

    Sharing builds is a conversation. Yeah, they're showcases, but there's also a fair bit of conversation dealing with builds.

    It's just a matter of opinion, really.
  6. Things found in the Empire Creativity forum section:

    That is just some. I am just using logic. If it makes you feel better, it could be better if they just renamed it "Share your builds"
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  7. But "Share your builds" is not all that goes in that subforum. That forum is for anything that you create on the Empire, which can be many things other than builds. Anything to do with the Empire should fall under that section so I think it's fine as it is. Everything related to the Empire (what most of the forum traffic wants) should all be together and easy to locate. If one Empire forum is way at the bottom and some are in the Empire section, I think it'd look a lot less organized than how it is now.
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  8. Where do people place their builds then?
  9. I didn't deny that builds get posted there. All I said is that there is more than just builds that get posted there.
  10. That section is used for things varying from sharing a dirt hit you just built, to advertising you are starting a hotel build on EMC. The current location covers it quite well.
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  11. Can someone teach me to build a dirt hit? :eek:
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  12. Can we get a forum for builds then?
  13. What the slab god said