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  1. I was pressured into making this I swear.
    So, make your own EMC-based fanfictions! Don't be inappropriate though...
    Ship your favorite Empirians! Write a short passage about the going-ons of EMC!
    By Odin's beard AverageWalrus, BlackKnight1021, and Mrs_FuzzleWuzzle better reserve posts for fanfics like they said they would...

    I'll give a prompt to work with, you can branch off or start a new story if you want.

    I ship BlackKnight1021 and Mrs_fuzzlewuzzle to start. #BlackFuzzle
  2. I ship me and me. I'm great.
  3. I ship the Ham Hacker in my Vault and Craig the Potato
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  4. I didn't think it would ship if she was married already :p http://empireminecraft.com/threads/congrats-mr-mrs-fuzzlewuzzle.56114/#post-1011012
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  5. This is a #blackfuzzle fanfic so beware: Chapter 1: BK was slowly strolling towards his neighbor Fuzzle's house. He smelled cookies coming from her house. *Bks pov* I knocked on fuzzys door with rapid taps. I needed to talk to her. I smelled delicious cookies coming from her house, as always. SHe opened the door and looked stunning. Her giraffe onesie was so beautiful. I couldn't believe this girl actually was my friend. She invited me in. "fuzzy, we need to talk. I have a confession." (fuzzys pov) after inviting Bk in, I noticed he looked stressed. He told me he had a confession. "what is it Bk?" I ask. He responds "Fuzzy, I love you." I was in shock. Bk, my secret crush, loves me? this is insane. "I know its weird and soon, but I know I love you too much Fuzzy. I can't hide my love anymore." he says. ANYMORE??? i question my sanity. Is this a dream? this is too much..."Bk I..." Luckygreenbird bursts in b4 I can finish my sentence. He is carrying a sack full of birdseed, and slowly munching on it. "hey fuzzy I was just wondering if you could make birdseed cookies..." He stops and looks at Bk. "You told her!?!?!?" he shouts. *lgb pov* I was enraged yet proud of my non bird friend. However, I had a secret too, that I needed to tell fuzzy. I love her too. this is so hard to comprehend, fuzzy's perfect eyes are staring at me and Bk is telling me to leave. I'm frozen, I can't move. I can't do anything...I slowly start to fall back...everything goes black. the last thing I hear is Fuzzy screaming for me to wake up.

    Chapter 2 will be out soon! Stay tuned for the rest!
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  6. posted chap 1
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  7. CHapter 2: Fuzzle's POV: I felt sick. Bk was just staring at me, and LGB was on the ground. I needed to do something. I just had to. I quickly moved towards LGB and picked up his weak limp body. THe first thing I noticed was a note in his pocket. I gestured for BK to leave the room, told him to turn off the oven. He left the room and I knew I was in the clear. I laid LGB down on the couch and unfolded the note. It read, *FUzzy. My dear Fuzzy. I love my bird. I do. Love my bird beyond compare, well almost. Fuzzy, I love you more than my bird. Ever since the 8th grade I have. You are beautiful and kindhearted, and physically perfect. Signed, LGB.* I was dizzy. I called Bk back in. He knew something was up. Then he spotted the note in my hand. He dashed over and grabbed it. "You didn't read this...did you?" he asked, his face turning bright red. "LGB wanted to keep this a secret...He always hid it from you. I guess you just now found it..." I felt embarrassed and confused...too confused. I dashed up to my bedroom and laid there, trying to make sense of what happened. Bk got the memo and took LGB home with him. I prayed that this was all a dream.....
    *bks pov* I dashed in the room to see fuzzy after I heard gentle sobbing. I suspected something was up. ANd then I saw it. THe small blue folded piece of paper...ripped and torn by wear. I knew LGB always kept this with him, never ever wanting Fuzzle to find it. I grabbed the paper and asked fuzzle if she read it. She didn't respond. SHe instead ran upstairs. I dragged LGB home and watched spongebob until he stirred. "wha...what happened?" he asked puzzled.
  8. It's been two hundred years since the apocalypse happened, and roughly one hundred years since the N.M.E was founded. The N.M.E is one of the few safe places in the Wasteland, but it's under hard times, and it needs to be saved. Are you a bad enough dude to save the N.M.E? Find out in FALLOUT: NEW MINECRAFT EMP-....

    *Aikar* "Sorry everyone, accidently turned on the radiation flag, should be normal now."
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  9. CHapter 3: Lucky's Pov: I woke up in a familiar room...My living room. THis was seemingly normal, the laugh of spongebob and the Air conditioner cranked high in the summer weather. All seemed pretty normal...except...I remembered something. Fuzzy, Bk, love, me, jealousy...I wasn't here. I was with...her. And he was with her...We were together in her house...I stood up from the couch and bk looked over towards me as he paused spongebob. I shook off all the birdseed on me. Darnit! I left my birdseed at fuzzy's house! Good thing I have so much. Bk slowly starts to talk. "h-hey roomie. You good? you okay? Are you dizzy? I made birdseed oatmeal for ya" he has a nervous look. As I slowly start to remember what happened, I walk away from him. I find my oatmeal and start gulping it down. Bk knocks on my door...I ignore him. I start searching for my note...the one that keeps me calm. I check all my pockets, my drawers, my shirt, everything. I can't find it! I start to panic...what happened?? I break down...I have to find it! WHat if FUzzy ever sees it!!! I can't think... *bks pov* LGB has been in his room for about 2 hours now, hasn't been down. He usually comes down for more oatmeal...I hope he's not dead! I start running upstairs when...
    *fuzzys pov* I ring their doorbell. I need to talk to them. I have to. There's way too much going on, not to talk to my best friends suck even if they're the ones causing me stress. Bk opens the door. "follow me" he says. I follow Bk upstairs to LGb's room. Its a familiar place...the posters of birds and ponies on the walls. the castle bedsheets and the feather pillows look so comfy,,,until I see what's on them. LGB lays on the bed...in a coma, almost dead. Bk starts sobbing as he pulls out his phone and dials 911. They quickly arrive and roll LGB into the car. We follow behind. When we arrive, Bk and I are waiting for a solid 3 hours for LGB to be done in the room. THe doctor comes out. "Lgb is dead" he announces. *Lgb in his last minutes pov* I will die. I will. I know I am in a coma, I can think. My thoughts are imaginative, I think in lively color. It could be hours, minutes, seconds passing. All I know is everything starts to fade... red, orange and yellow go first. I can just barely see my bird. His green feathers calm me. then he disappears. Everything is black.
  10. CHapter 4:* Doctors Pov* We see that this patient, LGB is dying. His brain is shutting down. We need to tell his friends, THe lady is crying on the mans shoulder. He starts crying when I come out. I tell them he is dead, when in reality, he only has a couple seconds left. We tell them we are sorry for their loss. We also tell them he had a special birdy condition that slowly drained his sight and hearing. THey seemed unaware of this.

    *bks pov* I get angry. My friend, dead. My best friend. I will never see him again. I demand to see him, to make sure this is happening. I go in the room with fuzzy. she is clinging on to my arm sobbing. If I weren't bawling as well, I would cherish this moment. But right now, I don't even notice it. LGB lies on the table with his eyes shut, the heart monitor is off. I sit in there for a solid 2 hours before I realize....

    *Lgbs pov* I am still breathing. I am alive, I cannot hear anything but I am alive. My birdy condition tried to kill me, but I am alive. I try to move, but the darkness holds me under, trying desperately to kill me. I know if I survive my sight will be completely lost. But I need to win this battle, I need to for Bk and Fuzzy. Fuzzy. I cannot put anyones face in my mind. I know that if I could, she would be the only one. I love her. SHe is keeping me alive. I wish she was here...I wish

    *fuzzys pov* He is here, he is breathing. I know he is not dead, but close to. I reach over to him. I hold his hand, look at his amazingly ugly face, and it keeps me hoping that he will live. I hold his hand for a while. it twitches. I know he is alive, I know he needs to be. I know he is fighting against the dark. His ankle twitches. His beautiful birdy socks move. He is forcing this. Bk is crying, looking at him. Glaring at the doctor as well. His mouth moves. It says something that takes me a while to process. He mouths one word. "Fuzzy" and then he is limp again.
  11. CHapter 5: *lucky's Pov* I was able to say fuzzy, and I was trying to stay awake. After an hour of struggling, I opened my eyes. I saw her. I saw him. I saw something between them. Love. I knew I had 0 chance with her, ever.I might as well give up. SO I closed my eyes. As soon as I tried to let myself go, the meds kicked in. I couldn't let myself go, the medicine was too strong. SHe held my hand. I opened my eyes. I tried to stand up. I could see! It was a miracle! Until I realized I was colorblind... MY WHOLE LIFE WAS MY BIRD! HE IS GREEN! I started bawling.


    LGB ended up marrying his bird, even after being colorblind. He still lives with Bk. Fuzzy and Bk are now engaged, fuzzy has her "you are my wife now" fish that comes from smp8. Fuzzy still makes cookies, and life is great.

  12. This is the greatest thread I have ever seen
    I would read the fanfiction the wonderful Fuzzle wrote, but I fear for my sanity
  13. This thread is going to get so unorganized.

    ProTIP: Writers in your first post link the next chapters so anyone who wants to read them doesn't have to scroll through all of everyone else's fanfics.
  14. I. . . I have no words.


    What have you done to me? :eek:
  15. Today is a great day, men. Today is the day that we have silenced the Kephras!
    *room full of scientists shake hands and cheer*

    Wait, how do you know what my RL room looks like?
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  16. I am speechless.

    My favorite sword just fell into the lava. I go home and cry. Actually, I never had a sword. I was just crying because of the amateur story in which I am writing.

    The end.
  17. Very interesting thread... Watching :p I might contribute to this some time, but for now, these writings are entertaining ;)
  18. READ IT
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  19. Wait, you've been on EMC for 3 years. How do you still have your sanity?
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  20. Once upon a Time a Kephras met a Skeleton Man. They both died. The End
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