Congrats Mr & Mrs Fuzzlewuzzle!

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  1. Congratulations to the both of you on your special day! The wedding ceremony was performed by MasterDude13, at the Chapel in the Frontier (yep, only on SMP8 lol) and I was lucky to be invited, to help celebrate this special reunion. May the two of you have a very long lasting marriage and don't forget to spoil each other. Coffee service and breakfast in bed is must! :p <3 <3
  2. That's so cute lol
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  3. SMP8? It's got to be SMP8. Congratulations though, you two! :p
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  4. awww, weddings always make me cry ^.^

    congrats! and may u soon have many cool little supporters! or something....
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  5. I was glad to be the pastor of another gorgeous SMP8 wedding. May they live to forget the short argument that followed immediately after the wedding.
  6. My head D:

    will MD ever take it off
  7. Aw thanks :) I don't think that people realize he is my alt haha :p
  8. Haha, I guess you really had to scramble through two minecrafts to make it seem believable.
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  9. basically
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  10. Woh! :p
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  11. Congrats! *Sniff* Marriage... such a beautiful thing! I mean... you get the engagement fish... and then the next thing you know it's the vows, your married, and then you're getting the 20th anniversary kraken before you know it! *sobs with uncontrollable emotion*
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  12. *cries at the mention of supportership*
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  13. Awwee... Here's a big HUG for you Mrs_Fuzzlewuzzle! :)

  14. I tried to not click this thread, I really did. But that title . . .

    Anywho, obligatory
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  15. Luv that cool YouTube vid BK! :p
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  16. Congratulations!
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  17. I feel popular :) thanks misty haha And thanks for the hug!
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  18. Congratulations marrying yourself ;)
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