EMC Story!! (Including EMC Players.. you could be one!)

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to make a story! Down below is the story, so I hope you enjoy it :). Let it begin..

    EMC Story (Including EMC Players.. you could be one!)
    By: HelloKittyRo
    Images by: Imgur//HelloKittyRo

    One day.. BlinkyBlinky and HelloKittyRo where walking down a rose path; Blinky noticed a horse. They talked about adopting it so soon; but the name was hard.. Blinky though "Rosa" was a good name, but HelloKittyRo said, "I think it's a boy.., like the manger of the company said. So.. naw." Blinky totally forgot, as if she thought it was a girl..

    So, then they started walking again, and they saw krysyyjane9191! Blinky yelled, "Hey krysyy, wanna come with us? We're playing around!" krysyy yelled back, "Sure! Race you to the play-ground!" So then, krsyy, Blinky, and HelloKitty runned to the playground like they didn't care. And, of course, krysyy won. But she just wanted to see how fast they were.

    So, then they played. First, they played tag. Krysyy had to tag someone first; so of course it was HKRo. Then, she tagged krysyy and said thats what you get krysyy! And then she laughed so hard her face turned bright red! They played for hours, but then krysyy had to go. But she invented them over for dinner, so of course they came!

    So, when they got to krysyy's house they noticed something; and not just something, a terrible thing. Krysyy lived alone, and so did Blinky and Ro. So.. they moved in with her! They had such a great time! Until.. something; something horrible happened, an EarthQuake was coming tomorrow morning!! They all packed and got into krysyy's car, and left.

    The next day....

    Ok guys, we're safe! We drove from "smp6" to "smp4" we should be okay. Blinky said, "I have a house, we can stay there." So, they where all happy. (HKRo had also lived on smp4, but they wanted to live at Blinky's place).

    ~The END~

    Thank you everyone for reading my story, yes, there will be a part 2! (Part 2 will be in the first comments, it is the only part left!)

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  2. Reserved! (Part 2 section, being made soon!)
  3. Haha, I like it a lot!
    There are a couple mistakes in there, but honestly, I think it adds some charm to it.
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  4. Nice little story, though hopefully there isn't a real earthquake on SMP6 any time soon... :rolleyes:

    PS: You'll probably know if it is a male horse. I'm not going to expand more on that xD But nonetheless, nice :D
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  5. I know. I just wrote what I can write, after all.. I'm only 10 :p
    this isn't real life ya know.
  6. Rest assured, I realised, but thanks for the note ;)
  7. Can I be in? Awesome story!
  8. In part 2, you could be added :)
  9. yay!
  10. Lol, I don't even like the name Rosa. Nice story though, glad I'm in it!
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  11. Is it in Minecraft? :eek:
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  12. oh look a chicken!
  13. wat
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  15. I also Hate Rosa, tell me why I added it.
  16. Your story is missing a Nub
  17. part 2.
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  18. Nice story! Here's a little suggestion: start out your story with a little "catcher" For example, The two friends were walking down the path, when suddenly Blinky froze, staring at the glimpse of movement in the corner of his eye. Anyways, your story is cool :)
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  19. Meeeeee