I made this EMC fan art...nothing really

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  1. So I made this.
    I just had to put a squid.
    Made in MS paint.
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  3. We should totally make this the EMC logo! ;)
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  4. *kryssy starts making notes*

    However, I don't think squids should replace usa colors.. :p
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  5. That is just beautiful. No really, it is. (NO sarcasm.)
  6. I think we have a new EMC logo artist... :p
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  7. OOOOHHH!!! I just had an idea for a contest!!! Every month of the year we can have a contest to create a new logo, but it has to say EMC. Like Google does, except they do sorta the same thing daily.
  8. .Thanks for the feedback!
  9. I may make a thread for a lot of EMC fan art.
    I will post a link to the thread.
  10. If it has a squid and EMC on it then its worthy of being the logo
  11. Bbbbbump it up!!!
    *raises pitchfork towards Krysyy*
  13. Brings out blowtorch =P

    Great drawing though!
    We used to have something on EMC where we'd post art from the community to the Facebook page. I'm looking to possibly start that up so you should make some more drawings =)
  14. New art coming in now!

  15. New art? Quest included! The quest is telling me the small text on the gold block.
  16. no: 101; EMC BANK; yold
  17. Not yold, gold!
  18. New art! The previous one's name is Empire bank, due to the letters on the gold block. This is Empire bank V2!!!!

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